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Kidnapping Plans, Nooses and the Boogaloo Militia

  • by Zach D. Roberts
  • An inside report with comment by Greg Palast

Nine months ago, I sat across the table sharing a pizza and a beer with a man who almost certainly was armed. I asked him, “How do you think tomorrow is going to go?” He replied, “Either nothing’s going to happen or we’re going to… READ MORE

Terror in Tiny Town

In the War on Terror, we are all on the front lines. Now Southold has apparently been targeted by al-Qaeda

No Medals for Mr. Galloway Either

Terrorism viewed from the eyes of a 6 year old child
By Leni von Eckardt
1972, the year the Summer Olympics took place in Munich, Germany.
For those too young to remember, this was the venue for one of the most notorious terrorist acts committed on innocent people.
On September 5th of that year a Palestinian terrorist group called ‘Black September’ murdered 11 athletes of the Israeli Olympic team.
Rarely was the cause of innocent Palestinians served worse.