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Palast Testifies In Front Of National Commission For Voter Justice
Announces Legal Action In 26 Crosscheck States

Nicole Powers 

[Above: The National Commission for Voter Justice's Southern California Regional Hearing.]

Award-winning investigative reporter Greg Palast was called to testify in front of the National Commission for Voter Justice (NCVJ) at their Southern California Regional Hearing. The non-partisan organization was set up in response to the now-defunct Trump/Kobach Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which used fraudulent claims of illegal double-voting as justification to cull millions of legal (and mostly minority) voters from the rolls.

The NCVJ's SoCal proceedings were held on Saturday, July 14 at the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College's Aspen Hall in Downtown LA, and were part of the organization's nationwide effort to "highlight, document, and address the scourge of voter suppression across the country."

Among those present were NCVJ National Co-Chairs Barbara R. Arnwine and Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., who serves as NCVJ's Honorary Chair and who personally thanked Palast for his tireless efforts to expose Crosscheck — the GOP's racially-biased weapon of mass vote destruction. ...more

Ohio’s Junk Mail Trick Led The Supreme Court To Approve Jim Crow Vote Purge

Greg Palast for Truthout

Monday’s Supreme Court decision blessing Ohio’s removal of half a million voters was ultimately decided on the issue of a postcard.

Now that little postcard threatens the voting rights of millions — but it can be reversed.

The instant-news media, working from press releases, not the Supreme Court’s decision itself, said that Husted, Ohio Secretary of State v. A. Philip Randolph Institute was about whether Ohio has the right to ...more

Did The Supreme Court Just Legalize Caging?
Palast on The Thom Hartmann Show

Greg Palast 

The Supreme Court's blessing of Ohio's move to remove a half million voters from the rolls because they missed two elections should scare you. But dig this: At least 100,000 of those voters, mostly in Democratic areas, actually only missed one election. Being on the Crosscheck list and not returning a postcard was counted by GOP Secretary of State rules as a "missed" election.

For more on voter caging and how not responding to a junk mail post-card could result in you losing your vote watch ...more

Court Checks Crosscheck In Indiana

Greg Palast 

A federal judge has enjoined Indiana from purging voters just because they are on Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck list. The winning suit was brought by Common Cause. Their complaint extensively cited the work of the Palast Investigations Fund.

This means Crosscheck is wounded, but the beast can still ...more

Kris Kobach’s Toy Machine Gun

Greg Palast 

Kris Kobach has brought a new weapon to his hunt for the chimerical Fraudulent Voter: A flag-covered military jeep with a mounted 50-caliber machine gun — a toy one. It’s a fitting symbol for Kobach, whose hunt for Trump's claimed 3 million fraudulent voters has only shot blanks.

Kobach, once thought the obvious successor to ...more

Kobach Behind Scheme to
Ask Citizenship in Census

Greg Palast 

Tom Hartmann and Palast discuss the implications of the new citizenship question on the 2020 census.
As soon as I heard Trump was adding the question about whether you have a non-citizen in your household to the census I smelled Kobach. He’d already suggested it in a secret memo that we caught a glimpse of during a meeting in November, 2016 with Trump.

The GOP’s basically turning the census into a giant caging operation to get rid of real citizen voters by asking if you have a non-citizen in your household. They want to scare people off from voting and they want to scare people off from filling out the census. …more

Jerry Quickley And Greg Palast Discuss The War On Voting Rights

Greg Palast 

You’re more likely to be hit by lightning than commit voter fraud, but they’re using the myth of double voters to eliminate real voters — who are almost always voters of color. However, they can’t steal all the votes all the time. It’s really important to understand that. …more