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How Brian Kemp Illegally STOLE The Georgia Election
Cenk Uygur talks to Palast on The Young Turks' Rebel HQ

Greg Palast 

Brian Kemp purged half a million voters in 2017 ahead of his race for the governor's office against the Democratic Party's candidate, Stacey Abrams. He said they left the state. (There must have been moving vans everywhere!) Our experts went through the list name by name and found at least 340,134 voters had never moved. You’re talking a third of a million voters who were canned — with no notice. They showed up in mass and they were either handed provisional ballots, which were thrown in the garbage — and about 50,000 people were simply denied a provisional ballot in violation of federal law.

It's as evil as it is brilliant, because Abrams was prepared to fight over the provisional ballots. She even got a judge to say count them — but you can’t count provisional ballots which were never handed out. It was a pure steal. And the trick that Kemp used ...more

Georgia Senator Nikema Williams: Black, Female and Under Arrest

Zach D Roberts 

Georgia state Senator Nikema Williams didn't plan on being arrested last week. She certainly didn't think she'd be zip-tied by cops and asked to submit to a strip search. But that's what happened when she was in the Georgia State Capitol witnessing a 'Count Every Vote' protest on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

"It was horrific experience," Williams told our reporter, Zach D. Roberts, the day after her arrest. "They patted me down, like worse than you would get at a TSA pre-check, but then she told me to lift up my dress so they could make sure that I was not carrying something in my vaginal cavity. I am a sitting state senator, that you brought off the rotunda of the capital, and you’re searching me and wanting me to take my dress off to strip search me. And then they wanted me to ...more

Here’s how Brian Kemp is Stealing the Georgia Election

Greg Palast in Atlanta, Georgia for Salon

Half a million Georgia voters were purged with no notice — and their provisional ballots likely won’t be counted. Brian Kemp, who until this week was Georgia’s secretary of state, is stealing the gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams. It begins with ...more

Salon: How to Steal Georgia in 7 Minutes

Greg Palast for Salon TV

Greg Palast, the journalist who earlier this month tipped Salon off to the widespread voter disenfranchisement in Georgia, uncovers how Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State, wrongly canceled the registrations of no less than 340,134 voters with no notice that ...more