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It’s Jim Crow 2.0, gone to a crazy extreme!
Palast reports from the frontlines of the Georgia Primary Election

[May 24, 2022: Atlanta, GA] Voting day in Georgia, and this pizza is evidence of a crime. If I walked 10 feet closer to the polling station and handed this slice of pizza to a hungry voter, who’s been waiting in line for hours, I’d get handcuffed and sent to prison under a new Georgia law (SB 202), which says you can’t help any voter eat or drink a cup of water while sitting in the hot Georgia sun. It’s Jim Crow 2.0, gone to a crazy extreme!

Hear that music? That’s an act of civil disobedience, because you’re not allowed to what they call “warm the line”. Make a voter happy, you go to prison. Give a voter a cup of water, you go to prison.

Now, where do they have lines for four hours? Where do they need a little food, a little water? I’ve been all over this state, it’s in the black precincts, it’s in the precincts of color, it’s where young people congregate. This is just a small part of the game that’s being played today all over the state.

Learn more about Georgia’s Jim Crow 2.0 anti-voting law, read our report:
‘Pizza outlawed in Georgia to Suppress the Vote’

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