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Why were Capitol Rioters Allowed to Leave a Murder Crime Scene?

On January 6, during the riots at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. a police officer was murdered when he had his head crushed by a fire extinguisher. In the aftermath, it was astonishing that the police did not seal and secure the Capitol and identify, if not arrest, everyone leaving — and confiscate cell phones with photos of the murdered officer and other crimes. Why were criminals allowed to simply walk away?

Greg Palast and PIF photojournalist Zach D. Roberts on Brian Ross Investigates,
first broadcast on January 19 on the Law & Crime Network.

The police response was a violation of standard operating procedure, and very troubling since it sent a signal to the white supremacist, neo-Nazi groups that if you’re going to cause mayhem, you may have some help from the people who are supposed to stop it.

Brian Ross is an award-winning investigative journalist who served as ABC News’ Chief Investigative Correspondent, where his reports were featured extensively in “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,” “Good Morning America,” and “20/20.”

Prior to joining ABC News, Ross worked for 20 years at NBC News, reporting for the “NBC Nightly News” and “Dateline NBC.”

Ross began his professional career in 1971 as a reporter at KWWL-TV in Waterloo, Iowa. He later worked at WCKT-TV in Miami and WKYC-TV in Cleveland. A Chicago native, he is a graduate of the University of Iowa.

Ross received the 2007 Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting for a two-part “20/20” undercover investigation into retail pharmacy errors, focusing on large drugstore chains, including CVS and Walgreens.

In 2012 Ross earned his sixth George Polk Award, sixth Peabody Award and two Emmy Awards, including best investigation in a news magazine story for his “20/20” investigation “Peace Corps: A Trust Betrayed,” which exposed the cover-up of sexual abuse of Peace Corps volunteers and led to Congressional hearings and calls for new legislation. He was also awarded with a 2012 Gracie Award for the report.

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Zach D Roberts is an investigative photojournalist who covers far-right extremism and voter suppression in America. He covered the Unite the Right Rally in Chalottesville and his work there helped put four white extremists in jail. He co-produced Greg Palast's films The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Vigilantes, Inc: America’s Vote Suppression Hitmen (out Fall 2024). Roberts is a Palast Investigative Fund Fellow and Puffin artist grant recipient.

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