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Until Patriot Act IV Takes Effect…

Maybe you read my blogs, catch my reports on BBC Newsnight or Democracy Now, or have a copy of the Best Democracy Money Can Buy lying around.
But if you really want to get to the heart and soul of my investigations, pick up a copy of my new book, Armed Madhouse. Between its covers is the Full Monty that my online columns and reports for Amy Goodman can only scratch the surface of.
And, I’ve just discovered that, until Patriot Act IV goes into effect, you’re still allowed to read Armed Madhouse. Here are some comments of folks who have read it:
“I would urge you to read Greg Palast’s latest book, Armed Madhouse. He does for the national elections what I did for the Ohio election…. He shows exactly how this election was stolen–not just in Ohio but in many other states as well.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
“For all its humor, I find the book a serious resource of information for action and organizing, covering war, oil, economic struggle and globalization.” — Medea Benjamin, Founder, Code Pink
“Greg Palast is Jack Kerouac meets Seymour Hersh. That’s quite a combination. The guy is insightful, entertaining, and does his homework.” —
“Palast’s stories bite. They’re so relevant they threaten to alter history – simply by letting the hoodwinked public in on the game while it’s happening. Palast is exactly what a journalist is supposed to be – a truth hound, doggedly independent, undaunted by power.” — Chicago Tribune Media Services
“Palast, a tough-talking, fedora-wearing corporate fraud investigator turned intrepid journalist, has a habit for finding actual documents and then using them in edgy exposes.” — LA Times
“Upsets all the right people.” — Noam Chomsky
“I bought my father a copy.” — Janeane Garofalo, Air America
“The Sid Vicious of Journalism.” — Pacifica Radio

From Medea Benjamin
CoFounder, CODEPINK and Global Exchange
One of my favorite investigative reporters, Greg Palast has a new book out, Armed Madhouse, which tells the stories the Bush regime would rather you not know.
For all its humor, I find the book a serious resource of information for action and organizing, covering war, oil, economic struggle and globalization.
Armed Madhouse includes the hidden story of the war for oil in Iraq and, “Kerry Won,” a sad and funny investigation of how they swiped the White House a SECOND time.
Palast’s book is subtitled, “Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War” — and besides digging into oil and Iraq, Palast take on the full spectrum of attacks on our economic and civil rights, including the expose, “No Child’s Behind Left,” Bush’s assault on kids and teachers.
This book is our Weapon of Massive Instruction. Read it and use it.
In peace,
Note: Today, Medea Benjamin enters the 15th day of her hunger strike — which will last until the troops come home. I thank her for this note — and thank her for a courage I cannot imagine replicating. – Greg Palast
Hear Jim Hightower, Randi Rhodes or Larry David read an excerpt, or pick up a copy of Armed Madhouse at

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