Joy Reid Interviewed by Greg Palast

Greg Palast

“It is difficult to get the issue of voter suppression on television at the moment, I think for a couple of reasons. Number one: Donald Trump – he sort of blocks out the sun. He’s taken up so much of the airtime on any given day that the media just feels that it can’t not talk about him. Between the insane things that he’s tweeting, or the policies that he’s putting forth that are draconian and scaring the hell out of people, I think that he sucks up so much of the oxygen that other stories are getting drowned out. The election of Donald Trump had a lot to do with the suppression of votes. It had a lot to do with the aftermath of gutting the Voting Rights Act. Unfortunately, we’re not focussing on it.” – Joy-Ann Reid, host of #AMJoy on MSNBC

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