Arkansas NBC TV:
Greg Palast busts Rove-bot

Greg Palast

Tim Griffin, Congressional candidate, exposed

Tim Griffin
NBC Arkansas television anchor and investigative reporter Melissa Simas confronted Griffin, a candidate for a Little Rock congressional seat, with the latest information Palast has uncovered on the “Tim Crow” caging scheme.

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It’s not Tim Griffin’s day. In 2004, BBC Television exposed Karl Rove’s crony Tim Griffin, for running an operation to challenge the right to vote of active duty soldiers, especially those of color.

The morning after BBC exposed this so-called “caging” scheme, Griffin resigned as Federal Prosecutor for the state of Arkansas, in tears, blaming the report of “a British reporter,” Greg Palast. Palast accepts the blame with a smile.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., civil rights attorney, has said bluntly, that Griffin’s racially poisoned attempt to attack the voting rights of soldiers and other citizens, aimed at Black, Hispanic, Jewish and poor voters violated the criminal provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. After reviewing the evidence, Palast said, bluntly, “Tim Griffin and Karl Rove … should be in prison.” Griffin, it appears, was acting on Rove’s orders.

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