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Mexico City: It ain’t Over ’til it’s Over

Greg Palast and Matt Pascarella

While much of the world believes Felipe Calderón has been officially declared Mexico's next President, it is not true. At least not yet.

(Mexico City) Last week the Electoral Commission, IFE, announced the results of a country-wide count of tally sheets - sheets that are attached to each ballot box - they found that Felipe Calderón (PAN) was ahead of López Obrador (PRD) by around 0.5%. To Calderón, there is no question that he is ...more

Dispatches From Mexico City – Part 2

Greg Palast with John Buffalo Mailer and Matt Pascarella

Mexico City. 2 July 2006.

PRD Press Center, Hotel Marquis, Mexico City. 6:48pm. Lopez Obrador has yet to make his appearance. The woman standing next to us quietly confides that she is hoping PAN will win. As she tells us this, a little boy stands in front of three cameras waving an AMLO doll. After hours of waiting, with no sign of the progressive candidate, we make our way through ...more