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Treason: “Firing Squad” for The New York Times?

Greg Palast 

The Right Wing has gone hog-ass wild over the New York Times’ “shocking” report that the Bush Administration is actually tracking terrorists’ money transfers. Oh my!

The fruitcakes are in flames! “Stand them in front of a firing squad or put them in prison for the rest of their lives,” says one pinhead on Fox TV.

For what? The stunning news that the government is hunting the source of al-Qaeda’s cash? “Osama! You must stop using your ATM card! Condi Rice is reading our bank statements!

Somehow, I suspect bin Laden already assumes his checkbook is getting perused. …more

Falluja Arithmetic Lesson

Greg Palast 

New York Times, page 1:

“American commanders said 38 service members had been killed and 275 wounded in the Falluja assault.”

New York Times, page 11:

“The American military hospital here reported that it had treated 419 American soldiers since the siege of Falluja began.”

Questions for the class:

1. If 275 soldiers were wounded in Falluja and 419 are treated for wounds, how many were shot on the plane ride to Germany?

2. We’re told only 275 soldiers were wounded but 419 treated for wounds; and we’re told that 38 soldiers died. So how many will be buried?

3. How long have these Times reporters been embedded with with military? Bonus question: When will they get out of bed with the military?


Jailing Judy
The Times Calls For Busting Sources not Reporters

Greg Palast 

William Safire, just before Independence Day, defended the Times' Judith Miller in the oddest manner. Instead of standing by freedom of the press, he instead offers Big Brother other targets for imprisonment, citing with approval attempts to arrest intelligence whistleblower Philip Agee. Agee is a "turncoat" in the mind of the former Times man, and therefore should take Miller's place in the dungeon. The implied maxim is: seize the other guy, but leave my colleagues alone. ...more

New York Times Reports Illegal Vote Purge

Greg Palast 

The New York Times has uncovered Katherine Harris wipe out of thousands of voters ... only three years after killing the story exposed by the BBC TV and the Guardian. Here, 'News Dissector' Schechter, formerly of ABC's 20/20, asks how the Times could editorialize on a story they never ran in the first place. ...more

Paul Krugman Doesn’t Know The Half of It

Greg Palast 

Greg’s Letter Printed In The New York Times

Re: Paul Krugman’s Op-Ed on December 2

To the Editor:

Paul Krugman (“Hack the Vote,” column, Dec. 2) warns against the danger of computerized voting machines, but the real danger is the new, federally mandated computerization of voter rolls.

As he mentions, the disaster in Florida in 2000 was the wrongful disenfranchisement of voters.
Katherine Harris’s office, using a computerized database with known faults, misidentified these citizens as felons, then purged them from voter registries.

Last year, with little fanfare and less scrutiny, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act, which effectively orders all states to buy the computerized voting machines that Mr. Krugman rightly dreads. Worse, the law requires all states to computerize their voter rolls and purge those lists of suspect voters, a la Florida.

Heaven help us when President Bush and Congress tell us that they are going to “help” us vote.

GREG PALAST New York, Dec. 2, 2003

The writer, an investigative reporter, is the author of a book about the disenfranchisement of black voters in Florida in the 2000 election.