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A Determined Voice Lost in the Wilderness

Greg Palast 

by Joe Garofoli
Greg Palast may be the only journalist with a New York office who works, as he says, “in journalistic exile.” There, with a team
chronbanner.gif of a half-dozen researchers largely supported by $50 donations from readers, Palast ferrets out documents and smoking-gun-toting insiders from Washington to Ecuador and uses them to gird his bitingly sardonic investigative essays that most American mainstream outlets won’t touch.
Why? Palast figures it’s because he mercilessly attacks the status quo. He was one of the first …more

Ahnold Gets Lay’d

Greg Palast 


San Francisco Chronicle

Geraldine Field (Letters, June 16) asks where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is when it comes to demanding accountability from Enron for the money that they gamed from California during the manufactured energy crisis of 2001? …more