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Palast Investigations Under Attack

Iraq Oil, Elections Story Scoops Generate Awards and Lawsuits
Our work is under attack and we need your help. Greg Palast has never and will never pay a dime to “settle” law suits against our journalism.
However, our successful, aggressive defense of the truth is costly. Bluntly: without your financial support, we’re finished. will be no more and the on-going investigation of the election, the war and globalization shuts down.


If We’re Going to Unplug Brain-Dead Americans
Sean Hannity Will Lose Half His Listeners

There’s no telling where this will end.
And whose fault is it that Terri Schiavo is lying in a coma? Come on, you know Who I’m talking about.
Why picket those poor sods, the Schiavo family? Good Christians should be picketing the churches! I mean, there must be twenty million punters on their knees praying for this poor girl and Mr. God couldn’t give a toss.

Palast's DVD Sheds Light on 'Bush Family Fortunes'

By Brett Sporich
While most people have heard of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which comes out on video Oct. 5, few have heard of “Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” which goes on sale Tuesday on DVD.
Greg Palast, who reports for BBC TV’s “Newsnight” and produced “Bush Fortunes,” was the first to capture Lt. Col. Bill Burkett on film stating that he witnessed the destruction of President Bush’s National Guard records, some of the same records that have recently landed CBS News and anchorman Dan Rather in hot water.