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My Apologies to
the Family of Mrs. Thatcher

Greg Palast 

I strenuously object to the dissemination of this scurrilous doggerel, falsely attributed to me, on the passage of an iconic stateswoman:

Naggie Hatchet dead and gone

Ruled her Empire State like Queen Kong

Stomping on us little peeps

Just to sell our Jewels to creeps.

And lost the war that Winston won

By turning back the clocks to

England’s meanest hour.

Yet worse to come: as trapped below her terror tower,

And forced to look up that Iron Skirt

At the beastly anus as it squirt

From the crack in the grizzly monkey hair:

Tony Blair.

My apologies to Lady Thatcher’s family and sincere condolences.  After all, large simians are people, too.

Pedicabo si iocum non potest. …more