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High in the thin, cold air where the ridge of the Alps marks the border with Italy, by local tradition, weddings are announced by leaving a small purse of

Greg Palast acepta el Premio Internacional de Periodismo por Investigaciones Especializas

Club de Periodistas de México Ciudad de México, junio 2019 Sra. [Celete] Sáenz de Miera, Mis estimados hermanos periodistas, Si los estadounidenses parecen ignorantes y locos como los Chihuahuas, que tontamente eligen a personas como George Bush y Donald Trump, perdónenlos, porque mis compatriotas no… 

The Son My Father Sent To Birmingham

My dad called me over and said, “I want you to listen to this.” It was 1965 and Martin Luther King was speaking about the three kinds of love as defined by the Greek philosophers