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American Vote Act

It's Magic!

Here’s an easy way to spoil a vote: digitize it . . . then lose the digits. Prestidigitation is the French-derived term for conjury

Latinos-too lazy to vote?

It’s lookin’ bad for the old white guys. Eleven million Hispanic citizens remain unregistered, Americans all and 15 million kids between the ages of 18 and 24 who can’t be pried away from

Corporate Control of the Final Vote Count: Centralized Voter Registration Databases

Last weekend in Portland, Matt Pascarella, chief elections researcher for Greg Palast, gave a presentation to the National Summit to Save Our Elections. He presented his research to-date on the privatization of centralized voter registration databases under Section 303 of the Help America Vote Act. Special thanks to Kat L’Estrange (pictured to the right with Matt) and Beth Hahn as well as all of the organizers who put together the conference. The article below is a brief write-up from Scoop about his talk.