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Steal Back Your Vote! Comic book Free!

Maybe it’s not a free nation anymore – but at least it’s a free comic book.
STEAL BACK YOUR VOTE, the investigative comic book voter guide by Bobby Kennedy and me is now available to download for free free free at   (That’s thanks to your generous donations to date.)
And now you can get packs of the full-color print edition for the cost of printing and shipping. Less than a buck a book.  And we’ll shoot it to you right now by priority mail.
Officially, 2.7 million voters have been purged from the voter rolls since the last election. And those voters weren’t vanished by ACORN or Mickey Mouse.   ‘The Purge’n General,” “Nuns on the Run” and “Votes Gone Rotten.”  What’s so funny about the death of Democracy?  Would you rather CRY?
Based on my investigation with Kennedy in the current issue of Rolling Stone.  Featuring art by the graphic gonzo’s Ted Rall, Lukas Ketner and Troubletown’s Lloyd Dangle. Download the guide and find out what really is happening in the scary world of election theft, and
find out how you can protect your vote in 7 easy steps.
Please spread the word – our servers can take it – we have a goal of 100,000 downloads by the end of the week – -equal to the number of new voters denied their registration rights in Florida – help us get the word out tell everyone you know to go to and download the guide for FREE – or if you can – support out investigations and donate. Put our banners on your site, grab a page from the guide and put it up on your blog – or embed the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. video PSA.
Your donations for print copies goes towards sending out even more copies out to libraries and low-income GOTV campaigns in key voting states. We just sent a carload to Native-American Pueblo leaders.  They asked for more – help us send them by making a donation to the Palast Investigative Fund.
Big thanks from the investigative team,
Greg Palast

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