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Steal Back Your Vote!

Bobby Kennedy Jr. and I have had it UP TO HERE. They stole 2000.  They stole 2004. Now, they’re snatching it again.  So Bobby and I are doing the most important thing we can do in a crisis of democracy:  write an investigative comic book.
Here it is:  Steal Back Your Vote is out today.  Download it right now at StealBackYourVote.ORG
Its 24 full-color pages cut open the Rove-arian cancer on our ballot box:  the Six Ways They’re Stealing Your Vote – plus a two-page pull-out guide – 7 Ways to Steal it Back.
Print it out.  Pass it out.  Right now.
Illustrations from the rapier-sharp pencils of Ted Rall, Troubletown’s Lloyd Dangle and Lukas Ketner.
Or you can order copies (minimum 25) here at
To cover costs, we’re asking you to make a donation – it can be a buck, ten bucks, a penny, a grand.  This will pay for print copies we’re sending to vulnerable voters.  (We’ll send them gratis to churches designated by our co-sponsor, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Operation Rainbow/PUSH.)
And tonight: go to and watch the BBC Television report from London by Greg Palast with Bobby Kennedy on the strange disappearance of several million voters from US voter rolls.  And while you’re there, download the guide and order print copies.
And join co-sponsors Voto Latino, Randi Rhodes, Willie Nelson, Jesse Jackson, Thom Hartmann, Air America Radio, Democracy for America and more
by adding your group as sponsor at
More examples from the comic book that will save America:
From Steal #2:  The Colorado Republican Secretary of State erased 19.4% off the names on that swing-state’s voter rolls. One in five voters – pfft!.  Bush then named her to be Chairwoman of the Federal Elections Assistance Commission.  (We hear Bush wanted to give her the title, “Purge’n General.”)
From Steal #3:  Spoiling America.  Few Americans realize that in 2004, 1,389,231 ballots were never counted because they were “spoiled.”  Were they left out of the fridge?
From Steal #4:  Nuns on the Run.  So these 10 nuns walk into a polling station and.  Oh, you’ve heard that one?  What you didn’t here:  143,896 other voters were told to scram in swing-state Indiana.  Nearly half of them African American.
Download this guide; PASS ON THIS LINK:
Steal Back Your Vote by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast.
Media inquiries to Interviews (at)

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