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Rosario Dawson, the Face of Palast Fund Georgia Voter Registration Action

A giant 60′ x 20′ billboard over the key highway into Atlanta features Mandalorian star Rosario Dawson warning voters to check their registration immediately at the Palast Investigative Fund’s site

Because checking your voter registration right NOW if you’re a Georgia voter is so important, we’re shouting it from this billboard!

The billboard went up Friday, Dec 4, with the release of a 60 Second public service video featuring Rosario warning Georgians that they may have been purged from the voter rolls illegally. They must check their registrations, and if they are among the purged, re-register midnight Monday, December 7.

The message was repeated in the Spanish version of the PSA voiced by Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldaña. The PSAs were first posted by @LeoDiCaprio’s Twitter.

LatinX group joins lawsuit against Georgia

We are thrilled to announce that the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project (SVREP), the large, frontline Latinx organization, is joining our lawsuit against the state of Georgia. As we announced on Thursday, and was reported in the New York Times, Newsweek and MSNBC, we have filed a federal court action to reinstate 198,000 Georgia voters who were illegally removed from the voter rolls.

SVREP is calling 26,000 Georgians on the purge list. The Palast Fund the names and phone numbers of these endangered voters.

Many more actions to expose voter suppression—and end it—are in the works, so watch this space…


Greg Palast (Rolling Stone, Guardian, BBC) is the author of The New York Times bestsellers, Armed Madhouse, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits and the book and documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
His latest film is Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman

Palast is currently working on a new documentary Long Knife, exposing the Koch Brothers' theft of Osage oil, to be released in 2024.

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