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Roger Stone is not just an impotent trickster
He's a violent, evil man who had a lot to do with fixing the vote in Florida in 2000

Roger Stone is not just an impotent trickster. He’s a violent, evil man who had a lot to do with fixing the vote in Florida in 2000. George Bush supposedly officially won the presidency by 537 votes in Florida — just 537 votes! But 178,000 ballots were disqualified, considered unreadable. A hundred and seventy-eight thousand!!! These were concentrated in Democratic and Black areas: Jacksonville, Gadsden County, Miami-Dade and Broward.

Miami was “recounting” those ballots (remember the hanging chads?). We use the term “recount” but what we really mean is counting ballots that were never counted in the first place. Al Gore had those ballots. Those were overwhelmingly Gore ballots. Bush would have lost. So they stopped the count.

And one way to stop the count in Miami was Roger Stone literally led a riot. He was the instigator of what they called the White Collar Riot (aka Brooks Brothers riot). They were trying to break windows and smash doors, but it was white guys in suits led by Roger Stone.

That type of violence elected a president. The Republican operatives loved it. They figured this guy will do anything we need. And he does. It’s not cute, it’s not little dirty tricks. It is deeply evil vote manipulation. It’s violent and it’s racist — and it’s Roger Stone.

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How Trump Stole 2020

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