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Palast Investigations Under Attack

Iraq Oil, Elections Story Scoops Generate Awards and Lawsuits
Our work is under attack and we need your help. Greg Palast has never and will never pay a dime to “settle” law suits against our journalism.
However, our successful, aggressive defense of the truth is costly. Bluntly: without your financial support, we’re finished. will be no more and the on-going investigation of the election, the war and globalization shuts down.
Example: Our story on secret US plans for Iraq’s oil for BBC and Harper’s Magazine has already generated two threats of lawsuits from the oil industry. Our revelations on the manipulation of the US voting operations has generated more threats. We still have bills left over from our smashing legal victory over George Bush Sr.’s partners in his blood-soiled gold mining business.
Please send us your tax-deductible donation to keep our current investigations alive. If you can send at least $40 to our educational foundation, I’ll send you a signed copy of “Weapon of Mass Instruction,” my spoken word CD, in appreciation.
The team is embarking on a whole new round of investigations on the solid evidence that – gasp! – George Bush did not win the last election; on the secrets of Big Oil and Dick Cheney in their carve-up of Iraq; and more: I am writing this from Ecuador, covering the State of Siege in this one-time member of OPEC.
Our investigative scoops you hear on BBC, Democracy Now and Air America may win worldwide journalism awards – but they earn, after our costs, not one single penny.
Donate $200 I’ll send you a Patron Saint of Journalism pack: a signed book, film on DVD, book and the CD. Your donation is tax deductible here.
But our biggest challenge is not in a courtroom, but on the airwaves and in print: to get the word out. Your donation will pay the light and phone bills and most important, our brilliant multi-lingual research team – and our lawyers. Greg Palast takes no salary – zero.
But we cannot keep running in the red. So please send us your tax-deductible $40 or $200 donation to our educational foundation. Don’t want the CD (produced by Jello Biafra)? We also have other gifts at I’d be happy to sign. Get our BBC film on DVD, Bush Family Fortunes, winner of the George Orwell Courage-in-Journalism prize or a signed copy of the Election Edition of the New York Times bestseller, Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” To view his writings go to

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