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Vote Vigilante Group ordered to
Trial in Georgia

In May 2022, Donald Trump launched the film 2000 Mules, accusing literally hundreds of Black men (the “mules”) of stuffing ballot dropboxes in Georgia and elsewhere causing Trump his re-election. Problem: Every single person accused by True the Vote, the makers of 2000 Mules, has been proven innocent — every one. Now, True the Vote’s operatives will face civil action in federal court and could pay heavily for their… READ MORE

The Madness of King Powell

As a recovering economist, I can tell you that Fed Chair Jerome Powell increasing interest rates yesterday was no more than shooting the wounded. The wounded: working Americans who’ve seen their real wages get clobbered, down by 1.9% in 2022 on top of a 2.1% hit in 2021. Therefore, Mr. Chairman, working Americans are … READ MORE

Two Old Guys and a Bridge
A call from Selma

I got a call this morning from Selma, Alabama. It was Reverend. Two old guys with our old-guy ailments and decades to reminisce about. But Reverend Jesse Jackson doesn’t waste time on nostalgia. Before he went off to a service with President Biden, he was pushing me, in the few words at a time his Parkinson’s allows, to get my film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, back out … READ MORE

Putin’s Invasion Foretold

Pay attention to Putin’s own words. On July 12, 2021, months before his tanks rolled, Putin issued a detailed statement of his casus belli, his justification for total seizure of Ukraine, not just the Donbas, in a 21-page-long essay, “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians.” No one should speak of this war unless they have read this, Putin’s Mein Kampf. The meandering screed boils down to… READ MORE

Richard Belzer (1944-2023)

Actor and comedian Richard Belzer, who is best know for his roles in Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, died on Sunday at his home in France, age 78. Belzer fought injustice on screen and off, and made a cameo appearance with his Law & Order partner Ice-T in our 2016 film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Belzer was a kind soul, a nonstop … READ MORE

Unite the Right Marcher Kills Himself Before Drug Trafficking Trial

Tiki torch-wielding Unite the Right rally participant Teddy Von Nukem committed suicide on January 30, 2023. Von Nukem, was about to go on trial for drug trafficking, but shot himself behind a shed at his home in Missouri on the day he was due to appear in court. Von Nukem was also involved in a brutal attack on a Black assistant school teacher, DeAndre Harris, however… READ MORE