In Venezuela, White Supremacy is a Key to Trump’s Coup

On January 23, right after a phone call from Donald Trump, Juan Guaidó, former speaker of Venezuela’s National Assembly, declared himself president. No voting. When you have official recognition from The Donald, who needs elections? …more

Greg Palast
Avoiding Regime Change in Venezuela
Palast on The Scott Horton Show

Palast explains the situation in Venezuela, where the Trump administration has recently been signaling for U.S.-backed regime change. Although the claim is that …more

Scott Horton
Colorado dumps Crosscheck

Colorado dumps Crosscheck, urges other states to flee the program. The newly elected Secretary of State Colorado, Jena Griswold, slammed the voter list cleansing program controlled by Kris Kobach of Kansas, for taking away the rights of eligible voters. …more

Greg Palast
Roger Stone Indictment: My Friend, “Person 2”

The unnamed “Person 2” in the Roger Stone indictment is my friend: comic and journalist Randy Credico. I’ve been in constant contact with Credico for two years as Stone tried to bully him into perjury. Trump stooge Stone is a bucket of …more

Greg Palast
The REAL Immigration Fight

While the two parties are playing games with slats on the border, Trump has allowed the backlog of citizenship applications to nearly double to over 730,000. In other words, he’s winning the real immigration battle. …more

Greg Palast
Illinois Drops Interstate Crosscheck Purge Program — but our Suit Continues

On an 8-0 vote, the Illinois Board of Elections on Tuesday, January 22 dropped the Interstate Crosscheck voter purge program. Greg Palast and the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. are co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Illinois over the use of Crosscheck, a racially biased and …more

Greg Palast