Palast & Badpenny: An Announcement

High in the thin, cold air where the ridge of the Alps marks the border with Italy, by local tradition, weddings are announced by leaving a small purse of candied almonds with the names of the betrothed at the doors of village homes. The ribbons announce that on July 31, Leni Badpenny will marry Greg Palast at …more

Greg Palast
How Katrina took the rap for destroying New Orleans when the real culprit was Big Oil

Mother Nature took the rap for destroying New Orleans when the real culprit was the surge up MR-GO and the missing marshes. MR-GO was Katrina’s welcome mat to the city — a “Hurricane Highway.” …more

Greg Palast
Ross Perot tried to save Democrats from themselves.
How Democrats’ NAFTA-love lost the Working Class.

Ross Perot (1930-2019) was a bit of a flake. But he also tried to save the Democratic Party from itself by attempting to warn it away from NAFTA. Clinton and Gore wouldn’t listen to him — nor would …more

Greg Palast
My friend Stephanie Blumenthal needs a kidney

My friend Stephanie Blumenthal needs a kidney within the year. (BTW no one needs two.) I know we’d like to save the world. Let’s start with Stephanie. …more

Greg Palast
Greg Palast Incites Riot
at Memorial for Art Kunkin of LA Free Press

Art Kunkin founder of the Los Angeles Free Press, was the most visionary, most influential journalist in the history of of Southern California. In 1965, Art founded the Free Press as an antidote to the Enslaved …more

Greg Palast
Hand me the Butter: Biden’s Toast

Hand me the butter: Biden’s toast. Talking with Rev. Jesse Jackson this morning. Biden’s opportunistic anti-busing crusade, and his odious anti-integration 1975 statement that, “To ‘desegregate’ is different than to ‘integrate,’” means he cannot get African Americans to the polls in November, even …more

Greg Palast