Clarence Darrow, Attorney for the Damned

It’s Christmas and I’m waiting for that call, “Dad’s dead. You should get on a plane.” I’ll leave the kids under the palm tree And the piña colada which I bravely don’t touch, Leave my wife with the dirty shreds of our marriage to pick up off the floor To… …more

Greg Palast
My Daughter Didn’t Call on Father’s Day

A dad couldn’t ask for more. My daughter wrote an essay, “The Best Dad in the Whole World.” It went on, story after story, about the unforgettable things we did together. Here’s a few seconds from


Greg Palast
Greg Palast acepta el Premio Internacional de Periodismo por Investigaciones Especializas

Club de Periodistas de México Ciudad de México, junio 2019 Sra. [Celete] Sáenz de Miera, Mis estimados hermanos periodistas, Si los estadounidenses parecen ignorantes y locos como los Chihuahuas, que tontamente eligen a personas como George Bush y Donald Trump, perdónenlos, porque mis compatriotas no son expuestos a la verdad… …more
Join Us Today For An #EpicLiveStream to Save The Internet

Today, Net Neutrality supporters in the Senate will try to force a vote on the Save the Internet Act using a procedure called “Unanimous Consent.” To raise awareness and put pressure on our representatives to actually represent us, we’re participating in an all day #EpicLiveStream. Join us. …more

Nicole Powers
Case Against Georgia Senator Nikema Williams Dismissed

Charges have been dropped against Georgia Senator Nikema Williams, who was arrested at her place of work — the Georgia State Capitol — while observing a Count Every Vote protest last November. “My charges might have been dropped,” says Williams, “but this is …more

Nicole Powers, Greg Palast and Zach D Roberts
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Faces 17 New Charges Under Espionage Act

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange faces 17 new charges under the infamous Espionage Act — which was used to imprison Daniel Ellsberg, Emma Goldman, and Socialist Presidential Candidate Eugene Debs. Assange is not …more

Greg Palast