Ohio Election Determined By Votes NOT Counted — Not By Votes Cast!
Thom Hartmann and Palast discuss Ohio 12th District Race and Kansas GOP Gubernatorial Primary between Colyer and Kobach, Trump's Vote-Thief-in-Chief.

It’s not close, the Democrats won, if you counted all the votes… …more

Greg Palast
Palast, Jesse Jackson to Sue 26 States
Stop voter purges, Voter Justice Commission told

The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined Greg Palast in announcing that they’ve notified the voting chiefs of 26 states that they will be served with federal law suits under the National Voter Registration Act within 60 days if they fail to turn over the millions of names of voters wrongly …more

Nicole Powers
GOP Georgia Governor Candidate Purged Voter Rolls
As Secretary of State, Kemp removed 591,000 voters

Yesterday, the GOP’s Brian Kemp won the Georgia gubernatorial primary. It is not coincidental that …more

Greg Palast
Greece On Fire: The EU’s Economic Dresden

The fires in Greece are an EU/euro Dresden: a direct result of requiring the Greek government to end its brush-clearing program and slash government employment and infrastructure. The EU always puts banks …more

Greg Palast
New York Times Mentions Danger Of Crosscheck
But Fails To Mention Its Overwhelming Racial Bias

In an opinion piece published today, The New York Times finally allows mention of the dangers of Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck. But they dare not say what we found when we uncovered the actual …more

Greg Palast
Why Pelosi & Schumer Don’t Have Waters’ Back On Trump Attack
Never Was There A Clearer Test Of The People Versus The Bank Lobby

Just got off the phone with my Auntie Maxine, Congresswoman Waters. She’s facing censure because …more

Greg Palast