Green Day, Foo Fighters and Palast on Punk Voter CD/DVD out Today

Greg Palast

Fat Wreck Chords release

This CD/DVD includes “Fixed in Florida” – 12 minutes of exclusive footage from Greg Palast’s upcoming DVD documentary, ‘Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy’ – an update of the blistering BBC documentary shown in Europe, banned in the USA.

Flip the DVD over and it’s a CD … with multi-platinum punkers Green Day, Grammy award winning Foo Fighters, ska-punk all-stars No Doubt as well as long-revered and respected bands like Bad Religion, Rancid, Sleater-Kinney, Dropkick Murphys and Operation Ivy. Of the 28 total tracks, this massive compilation boasts 20 unreleased or rare songs.

And on the DVD side, you get six political documentary shorts (from Uncovered, Unprecedented, Unconstitutional, Honor Betrayed, Indy Media in the Time of War, & Fixed in Florida) three comedy pieces, and five music videos.

Plus a go-punk-yourself booklet of eye-opening facts, action guide and some no-bullshit notes from the musicians.

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Watch the e-card and listen to six different samples from this new collection at:

This is Volume 2 of Punk Voter’s “Rock Against Bush” — the #1 independent record in the country. It’s #2 for Internet sales (who cares about #1) and was # 1 on college radio.

All profits from this project go to and progressive action.

28 great punk rock tunes and over an hour of un-Foxxed video into this two disc set.

Purchase a copy of this CD/DVD today for the cheap-shit price of only $6 through Fat Wreck Chords website at: