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Georgia Voter Purge List 2018

Check if you have been purged from the Georgia voter rolls.
Enter your last name, narrow it down with first name

If you are on the list, contact us
AND check your registration IMMEDIATELY!

If your registration is ‘active’ GREAT.
If you’re not registered, you should absolutely re-register right now.
Although this won’t allow you to vote in November, it will ensure that you will be able to vote in 2020.

We cannot expose the practice of mass cancellation of voting rights in Georgia without your help. Know anyone in Georgia?

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This list was obtained by reporter Greg Palast who began this investigation for Rolling Stone Magazine.
Palast is working alongside civil rights leaders including Dr. Charles Steele Jr, President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder, Rainbow PUSH.

We plan to add the purge lists of 26 other states suspected of illegal voter registration cancellations.

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