Georgia Screenings

Marching ‘Vigilante’ through Georgia

You’ve seen Vigilante, so I hope you agree with Black Voters Matter founder LaTosha Brown’s demand,

“Everyone must see this film”

And right now, with the December 6 Senate runoff looming, grassroots voting rights activists are asking for our help in quickly setting up screenings with get-out-the-vote events.

Black Gwinnett Magazine is hosting an all-day continuous showing and GOTV meet on November 30 with Black Voters Matter, NAACP, New Georgia Project, New South and local church groups.

All these screenings and many, many more, take 24/7 organizing – and money. Lots of organizing…but not lots of money.

Will you help get the film out with your tax-deductible donation?

The logistics of one screening — these are action go-to-the-polls meetings so we also provide food — cost about $500 per venue.

Donate what you can, but if you
can donate $500, we’ll list you as the sponsor

Note: Events are non-partisan. I don’t tell Georgians how to vote — they make good choices when not blocked by Jim Crow.

Donations go to The Sustainable Markets Foundation
for the BENEFIT of The Palast Investigative Fund

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