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Georgia civil rights leaders sue GOP's Brian Kemp over wrongful voter purges
Releases names of all purged voters in the state urging them to re-register

ATLANTA – Today Georgia-based civil rights leaders from organizations including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, and New Georgia Project joined investigative journalist Greg Palast in filing a lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp for using a faulty and racially biased method of removing legitimate voters from the rolls.

[Above: Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. of the SCLC speaks at a press conference at the organization’s HQ in Atlanta, Georgia, on Oct 2.]
The plaintiffs stated that Secretary Kemp has stonewalled requests for legally public information on the methods and reasons for the purge of each of over 591,000 Georgians – one in ten voters – from the voter rolls in 2017.
“Legitimate and eligible voters – mostly minority – have been illegally canceled. This lawsuit against Kemp is designed to correct this injustice,” said Greg Palast who originally made requests for his exposé in Rolling Stone Magazine.
As Kemp has sent NO NOTICES to the one-in-ten voters purged, the group announced they are making the entire Kemp 2017 purge list available to the public immediately so that wrongly purged voters can re-register by the October 9th deadline, meaning voters can now type in their name and receive back information to confirm they have been, or not been, purged.


Have you been purged?

Check here NOW – before the October 9 deadline to re-register!

The suit, filed under the National Voting Rights Act of 1993, seeks to get the entirety of the Kemp-Crosscheck files, the methods used to confirm voters have supposedly left the state – and thereby allow the restoration of the voting rights of thousands.
Palast obtained one of the secret Kobach purge lists from inside Kemp’s office. Using this information and the limited purge list information provided Palast, a team of experts has determined that Kemp’s methods have removed thousands of legitimate voters.
“It is insulting to know that we must still fight a discriminatory electoral system that continues trying to eradicate the accomplishments of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the sacrifices we’ve given for the right to vote,” says Dr. Charles Steele, Jr., the President and CEO the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
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