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Just put down that credit card and no one gets hurt.The Palast Collection
Don’t buy – DONATE – and I’ll send out your gifts.
On September 12, 2001, President Bush asked Americans to go shopping. And the Bush-bots did as told.
I’ve got a better idea: don’t shop – give a tax deductible donation to support my crew. Donate to the not-for-profit Palast Investigative Fund and I will sign and send, in gratitude, a gift to you – or your friends or family. I’ll sign each item – just tell us the names of the gifted ones by December 14.
Make your tax-deductible donations at and get the following:
Released TODAY: FILM ON DVD “The Elections Files: The Theft of 2008.” The award-winning reports – seen on BBC Television – and reports not yet seen anywhere. $50 minimum donation. Watch the trailer.
New: DVD film: “The Assassination of Hugo Chavez” – A new documentary based on the investigations for BBC and Democracy Now – from Mexico, from Ecuador and, from, Venezuela, Palast with Chavez. $50 min. donation. Watch the trailer.
Updated: “Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans – Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild.” The bestselling book, signed. “Great fun,” says the New Yorker. $75 min donation. $100 Hardbound.
Gift packs: For a $500 minimum donation, get a crate-load of info-loaded DVDs and books. Give me the names, I’ll sign’m.
Special: Audio CD: “LIVE from the Armed Madhouse.” Palast takes you on a wild truth ride. My talk in Florida – plus Ed Asner reading from the Armed Madhouse to a hip-hop beat. Ho-ho-ho! $40 min. donation.
Classic: “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” The book Howard Zinn calls, “one of the most important political tomes of our time.” Min. donation $75, signed.
Impeach the President” – the collection, including Palast from the Project Censored crew. Or get “Censored 2008,” the stories your not supposed to see. Min donation $50 each. Signed.
DVDs: “Bush Family Fortunes” – the in-your-face Palast report from BBC min. donation $50, [“Courageous reporting” – Michael Moore] or Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans [“The most important documentary of the year” – Air America.] Min. donation $40 signed. Watch an excerpt here.
And more: The Armed Madhouse audio book with Larry David, Jim Hightower and many more reading. (min. $100 donation).
And less: Make a donation to the Palast Investigative Fund in someone’s name – and we’ll send them a thank you card. You get a tax donation – and ‘just the facts, ma’am.’
100% of proceeds go to support the staff and expenses of the Palast investigative fund.
Unhappy times shouldn’t stop a happy holiday. My best wishes to you and your family.
(I’m on my way to South America with cameraman Rick Rowley – and hope someone reading this will pay for our tickets to get home! I’m not kidding.)
Reporting from the equator,
Greg Palast

Greg Palast has written four New York Times bestsellers, including Armed Madhouse, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits, and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, now a major non-fiction movie, available on Amazon ”” and can be streamed for FREE by Prime members!

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