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Contents of Alex Jones’ phone set to implicate Trump
Jan 6 rally organizers communicated with Trump Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows

In this week’s edition of the Election Crimes Bulletin we reveal how the contents of Alex Jones’ cellphone — which were accidentally handed over to the prosecution in their entirety by the shock jock’s own lawyers during the Sandy Hook defamation trial, and will now likely end up in the hands of the January 6 Committee — could provide proof that Trump and members of his administration were directly involved in the planning of the illegal march to Capitol which ended in violence.


Dennis J. Bernstein: Today seems to be Alex Jones day… Given the fact that his attorneys, apparently, made a mistake… I don’t know what happened there with all those emails ending up on the wrong side of the bench, but it doesn’t seem to be helping Mr. Jones. Your thoughts on where we are now and where it’s going.

Greg Palast: Okay. A couple things… Number one, we’re talking about the trial of Alex Jones, which he’s already defaulted on. He’s lost a liable suit, because he basically gave out the addresses of parents of children who were murdered in the killings in Connecticut. He said that it never happened, it was crisis actors, and these people are all fake.

Imagine you lose a six year old kid, a seven year old, your child, and then you find you’re up on television with your picture saying you’re a fake, you’re a liar, you’re just out to take away Second Amendment rights — and here’s your home address! People had to move, go into hiding after losing their children. So, Jones, oddly, instead of being charged, which he should have been criminally with threatening people’s lives — ‘cause their lives are in danger — he just simply lost a civil action for liable…

But now, one of his lawyers accidentally, apparently — I mean, I’m sure they asked for it — accidentally sent over his entire cell phone contents. That means years of emails, that means all his text messages. If I were in the Trump crew — Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff, etc. — I would probably be having to change my underpants right now…

Mark, I do know, from speaking to insiders at Women for America First, that they were sending panic messages to Alex Jones, and to his partner, Ali Alexander. That’s the guy who said, “We’ll light this whole sh*t on fire.” Remember, he is threatening to burn down the State House and the State Capitol in Georgia days before he goes to Washington and leads the march to the Capitol to burn that down. He said, we’re gonna burn this down. This is not like, oh my God, this crowd is out of control. That was the plan. That was announced. We have it on camera.

And by the way, thank you to Zach D Roberts for getting that film and basically taking his life in his hands to get that Ali Alexander threat. And that guy that was screaming his head off before Ali, that was Alex Jones saying, you know, this is the globalist plan to take over America, blah, blah…

But we do know that Ali Alexander and Alex Jones were sent several panicked texts saying do not announce a march at the January 6th rally. They sent messages to Mark Meadows saying don’t do the march.

Now, Ali Alexander and Alex Jones both claimed that the White House called them, contacted them, and then had people show up and say, you stand at the corner of this parking lot, Trump’s gonna call for a march and you lead the march. So, they knew in advance that Trump was gonna call for the march — even though he was told it was illegal and dangerous. Illegal and dangerous, he was warned, but he said it anyway.

So, what I’m very interested in is how many texts went back and forth from the White House, and Mark Meadows in particular, to Ali Alexander and Alex Jones, and probably the texting between Jones and Alexander and their planning for the illegal march. You know, find the messages saying we know this march is illegal.

So, it’s not just that Alex Jones is in deep trouble, it’s Mark Meadows. Donald Trump, and whoever else from the White House that was involved in actually planning a march they knew was illegal and dangerous. This is real bad news for Donald Trump.

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