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Colorado Voter Purge List

Check if you’ve been purged from the Colorado Voter Rolls
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If you’re on this list, re-register AND contact us immediately.
The Online Registration Deadline is October 29

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne W. Williams has stonewalled our request for complete information about the voters he has purged – that is, CANCELLED off the voter rolls.  Unlike other states, he is keeping secret the address of voters, which the law requires he make public.

As a result of Williams’ stubborn violation of the anti-secrecy provisions of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, we cannot provide the confirming information we have given voters in several other states.  
Therefore, especially if you have a common name such as James Brown, you could get a “false positive” – that is, we can correctly confirm that some James Browns have been purged, but we can’t confirm that it is you.  If you are on the list of those tagged as purged/cancelled, check your registration with the Secretary of State’s website and RE-REGISTER if it doesn’t show your name.  Also, in Colorado, most cancelled voters can RE-REGISTER AT THE POLLS.  If you want a mail-in ballot, you must register by October 29.
Please note:  PR flacks for the Secretary of State have stated that there are no voters purged or cancelled.  This is absolutely not true””don’t be fooled.  This list of voters, marked “cancelled,” came directly from the Secretary of State himself.
We are sorry for the deficiencies in the information on this site compared to our other state look-up pages.  This is only and solely due to the withholding of information by the Secretary of State, a political partisan, in violation of the NVRA.
Our prime concern is Williams’ participation in the racially biased, partisan purge program directed by Kris Kobach of Kansas””exposed in my investigation for Rolling Stone.
As a result of Williams’ continued hiding of public information, attorneys for the Palast Investigative Fund have sent him a 90-day Notice that we are preparing a lawsuit against him in federal court in Denver under the NVRA.  We have already filed suit against Brian Kemp of Georgia.
– Greg Palast

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We plan to add the purge lists of 26 other states suspected of illegal voter registration cancellations.

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This list was obtained by reporter Greg Palast who began this investigation for Rolling Stone Magazine.
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Palast is working alongside civil rights leaders including Dr. Charles Steele Jr, President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder, Rainbow PUSH.

This site was created as a public service by the Palast Investigative Fund, a non-partisan not-for-profit 501c3 foundation project.

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