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TFYQA / White Noise

Lynching By Laptop & Dying Regime   TFYQA / White Noise is the musical & visual alter ego of J.F.William & Serge Laporte. Both were floored by the information found in Greg Palast’s “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” Soon after reading the book, they… 

Akir – Politricks

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Akir is often seen beside his labelmate Immortal Technique, and though his vocal style isn’t quite as intense, his content is. They appear side by side on the b-side duet “Treason,” but Akir shows himself to be an artist-to-watch on his own merits on his… 

Silence of the Media Lambs

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Silence of the media lambs – Pacifica Radio Archives re-mixed an interview of Greg Palast, discussing the US mainstream media, and added it to music. Listen to the track