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Guest Blog: The Forgotten Soldiers of Operation "Iraqi Freedom"

The Forgotten Soldiers of Operation “Iraqi Freedom” By Natasha Saulnier
His name’s Maurice. He’s 26 years old with a face like an angel and a computerized prosthesis where his left leg used to be. His name’s Victor and he still seems like a boy. His cherubic face, set against blond hair, is plagued by an unanswerable question every time his restless eyes inadvertently fall on the stump: “Why?” His name’s Steve and you couldn’t imagine a more All-American soldier — that is to say if he hadn’t lost his right arm.

BBC at War

He did not say, “hello,” or even his name, just left a one-word message: “Whitewash.”It came from an embattled journalist whispering from inside the bowels of a television and radio station under siege, on a small island off the coast of Ireland: from BBC London.

No Child's Behind Left

Go ahead, George, and lie to me. Lie to my dog. Lie to my sister. But don’t you ever lie to my kids.
Deep into your State of the Siege lecture, long after sensible adults had turned off the tube or kicked in the screen, you came after our children. “By passing the No Child Left Behind Act,” you said, “We are regularly testing every child … and making sure they have better options when schools are not performing.”

Muckraker Says Things You Don't Want to Hear

Reprinted from April 2002

by Eric Zorn

Take my advice, dear readers, and spare yourself a couple of days like I’ve just had–days of anxiety, frustration and even a bit of despair.
If you see the new Pluto Press title on your bookseller’s shelves, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” by former Chicagoan Greg Palast, don’t pick it up.
If someone directs you to to watch the BBC-TV “Newsnight” report in which the director of the Florida Department of Elections rips off his lapel microphone and scurries away from an on-camera interview with Palast, don’t touch that mouse.

Mario Cuomo Sues Author Palast for $15 million – Fox v Al Franken Redux?

NPR host challenges Cuomo to debate Palast
New York – With echoes of Fox News versus Al Franken, ex-Governor Mario Cuomo this week filed suit against Franken’s publisher, Penguin, over mention of the ex-politico in the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
Cuomo also sued the author, journalist Greg Palast for $15 million.

Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam Ex-Dictator Demands Back-Pay From Baker

Former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein was taken into custody yesterday at approximately 8:30pm Baghdad time. Various television executives, White House spin doctors and propaganda experts at the Pentagon are at this time wrestling with the question of whether to claim PFC Jessica Lynch seized the ex-potentate or that Saddam surrendered after close hand-to-hand combat with current Iraqi strongman Paul Bremer III.

FBI and US Spy Agents Say Bush Spiked Bin Laden Probes Before 11 September

2001 Project Censored Award Winner
Watch Greg Palast’s Special Report for Newsnight
Officials told to ‘back off’ on Saudis before September 11
by Greg Palast and David Pallister
FBI and military intelligence officials in Washington say they were prevented for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Globalisten Som Kom in Från Kylan

Joseph Stiglitz: Ã…rets ekonomipristagare
“Den har dömt människor till döden”, berättade världsbankens förre apparatchik för mig. Det var som en scen frÃ¥n Le Carre. Den mästerlige gamle agenten kommer in frÃ¥n kylan, hoppar över till vÃ¥r sida, och under nÃ¥gra timmars debriefing berättar han om sina minnen av illdÃ¥d begÃ¥gna för en politisk ideologi han nu inser blivit rutten.

Insane About Asylum

George W, of all people, has called for making a few million immigrants into citizens of the US of A. A few of his business buddies have figured out that what comes across the Rio Grande is free ‘human capital,’ brown gold. But even the grating profiteering off the business of citizenship doesn’t take away the rare chance to say something almost nice about America — if only by contrast to Britain’s swivel-eyed fear of the strangers in their strange land…
So here’s me, using one of the lowest tricks in journalism — asking a London cab driver to give his salt-of-the-earth opinion on one of the great issues of the day: asylum seekers. He couldn’t wait.

Kissing the Censor's Whip

Britain’s two leading editors and a reporter face jail for printing a story embarrassing the government – but objections to this assault on freedom of the press were slow and timid.
GREG PALAST reports on how Britain’s journalists learned to love the censorship that lashes them.