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Stream Vigilante for FREE for a Limited Time

“Vigilante really underscores, in graphic detail, exactly how voter suppression is manifesting itself in Georgia,” says — CK Hoffler, counsel to civil rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson and Chairwoman of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “I think the way that it juxtaposed the actual people who were victims with the people who were the perpetrators of this voter suppression was nothing short of brilliant…Everyone needs to see this movie. It’s not just about Georgia, but it’s relevant to what’s happening in this country today.” … READ MORE

Power outage in New Orleans: Is Ida or Entergy to blame?

In the 1980s, I lead an investigation of Entergy, which runs the Louisiana power system. After Katrina, I investigated their failure to get the lights back on in over a year. This past week, Entergy lost 2000 miles of high-voltage line, which doesn’t happen in Bangladesh after a typhoon. Entergy of Little Rock Arkansas, became a protected political juggernaut, even… READ MORE

Greg Palast acepta el Premio Internacional de Periodismo por Investigaciones Especializas

Club de Periodistas de México Ciudad de México, junio 2019 Sra. [Celete] Sáenz de Miera, Mis estimados hermanos periodistas, Si los estadounidenses parecen ignorantes y locos como los Chihuahuas, que tontamente eligen a personas como George Bush y Donald Trump, perdónenlos, porque mis compatriotas no…