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California: Screwing Bernie Sanders Again?

In the 2016 California Democratic Primary, 750,000 votes were DISQUALIFIED, mostly cast by No Party Preference (NPP) voters — three out of four of whom were Bernie Sanders supporters, according to a Roper poll.

How the DNC Plans to Block Bernie: Excerpt from Feb 11 edition of Rising Up with Sonali.
Watch the full interview.
While the media is misdirecting concern to touchscreen machines in Los Angeles, this November the BIG steal will happen by mass exclusion of NPP voters and provisional ballots. They know that if NPP voters are allowed to vote in the California Democratic primary, Sanders walks away with it.

In 2016, California had over 1 million provisional ballots — equal to half of ALL provisional ballots cast in the United States. The vast majority of these provisional ballots were never counted, which is why we call them placebo ballots.

By the raw numbers, there is no state which is more expert and more vicious at vote suppression than the state of California. Alex Padilla, the so-called Democratic Hispanic Secretary of State, has been an absolute pro — he’s been the Brian Kemp and the Katherine Harris of California.

NPP voters, if you want to vote in the California Democratic primary, you MUST ask for a “CROSSOVER Democratic ballot”. But why not make your life easy? Register as a Democrat. It doesn’t mean you have to vote Democrat in the general or anywhere else. It just means you have the right to vote in the primary without getting hassled and with less risk that your ballot will be thrown out.

We are conducting a full scale investigation of California voting — which is in some ways worse than Georgia.

Write to us if you’re having problems voting or if you’re a poll worker and have received BS info.

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Donations received this week will be used to investigate voting in California. It’s ugly!

Greg Palast (Rolling Stone, Guardian, BBC) is the author of The New York Times bestsellers, Armed Madhouse, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits and the book and documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
His latest film is Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman

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