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In 2008, hundreds of individuals and groups participated in the Steal Back Your Vote project joining Bobby Kennedy and Greg Palast in the fight against vote suppression. Our effort was wildly successful reaching over half a million voters through our partners Operation Rainbow/PUSH, VotoLatino, and Work for Change.

This year, we want to list you, your group and website as a resource and include a short description of your work/website in our new ballot-protection weapon:

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: Election Games 2012

This year, my crew at the Palast Investigative Fund and I have teamed with genius comic pen-man, Ted Rall, to produce a kick-butt-and-take-down-names voter/media guide and comic book.

We want to include you — superheroes who fight against vote suppression on the front lines — in a handy voter reference guide that will be inserted in the book, along with Ted’s work.

All we need from you to be listed is a response stating you want to list yourself or group by May 23 and a note with your name, group’s name, website and contact info ”“ plus a few sentences about your work, any upcoming campaigns, or topics you are covering.

Provide us separately, NOT for publication, a direct contact person’s name, phone, mailing address and email so we can send you copies of the finished info.

When we launch in September, we’ll send you copies of the book, and download excerpts from the book and video.

You are not asked to endorse anything in the book or comic ”“ and you may review your listing.

If you want to endorse our work, we gladly welcome your support just let us know again by May 23!

Here is a list of other steps you can take to help further the development of this project:

1.  Suggestions about topics, info, people that should be included in our book, film and articles.  (In 2008, Palast and Kennedy co-authored a story for Rolling Stone and broadcast a report on BBCTV and Democracy Now!).

2. Your favorite suggestion for protection.  Example:  “Don’t assume you can’t vote just because you have a felony record.”

It is important to note The Palast Investigative Fund is a not-for-profit project of the 501c3 Sustainable Markets Foundation Trust.  We cannot provide links to partisan organizations nor promote candidates.

If you have any questions, or you wish to see an excerpt of the 2012 book Billionaire & Ballot Bandits, write to me at ballotbandits [at]

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