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Trump's Regime Change in Venezuela
Palast on The Scott Horton Show

Greg Palast with the future President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, at our office in New York, responding to documents we obtained regarding plans to overthrow the Chavez government. Investigator Leni Badpenny in background. (photo: Palast Investigative Fund 2004.)

Palast explains the situation in Venezuela, where the Trump administration has recently been signaling for U.S.-backed regime change. Although the claim is that it’s the U.S.’s duty to support “democracy,” says Palast, the concern is really for Venezuelan oil. Major players like the Koch brothers need reliable access to Venezuela’s particular form of heavy crude oil, and the Maduro government doesn’t play ball the way the Saudis, for example, do. Now Maduro’s political opponent, Juan Guiado, is openly calling for outside military support in his attempt to overthrow Maduro. Palast is adamant that that would be an utter catastrophe both for the U.S. and for the Venezuelan people.
Discussed on the show:

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Venezuela? It’s the oil. It’s always the oil.

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