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Ian Masters

Ian Masters is the founder and host of Background Briefing, a one-hour news analysis radio program, offering the equivalent of the Presidential Daily Briefing. The show invites their listening audience into a public radio Oval Office to learn from an open-source version of the daily briefings, receiving fact-driven intelligence from the most informed specialists, closest to the scene analyzing and contextualizing international events and national issues without false equivalence or “balance”. Listen Live on KPFK FM-90.7 - Los Angeles Monday-Thursday 5pm-6pm & Sundays 11am-12pm.

Background Briefing: Freedom to Vote Act
It has improvements, it has detriments, and there's an awful lot that's missing. An awful lot.

The Freedom to Vote Act has been put together by a group of Democratic Senators and Joe Manchin, who is now trying to sell it to his Republican colleagues before a vote, which is supposed to take place as early as next week according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In this edition of the Background Briefing, we discuss what is in the bill as well as what is not. Given that it is highly unlikely that… READ MORE