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Recent radio reports:

DateTitle Duration
11/01/14State of Belief Radio – Greg Palast discusses his breaking voter purge report for Aljazeera00:14:23
10/29/14KPFA – Flashpoints Radio – Greg Palast discusses his breaking voter purge report for Aljazeera
10/29/14The Rick Smith Show – The Return of Jim Crow – Palast’s Aljazeera Special Report
08/04/14RT: The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann – Greg Palast discusses the GOP billionaire behind Argentina’s crash00:09:22
03/25/14RT-TV Breaking the Set with Abby Martin – Greg Palast explains why BP is to Blame for the Exxon Valdez Disaster 25 Years Later00:14:08
06/08/13Dialogos Radio – Greg Palast discusses the failures of austerity and privatization in Greece00:25:17
02/14/13The Matthew Filipowicz Show – Greg Palast talks about Obama’s proposed voting commission, Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary, the Koch Brothers and the XL Pipeline00:20:58
02/06/13The Real News – Greg Palast talks about how the Koch Brothers are driving the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to cut out Venezuelan Oil00:10:57
01/31/13Flashpoints – Greg Palast talks about Aaron Swartz’ suicide and Piers Morgan’s ‘genius’ visa00:21:56
11/17/12State of Belief Radio – Palast talks about the indefatigable spirit of Ohio minory voters in the face of suppression efforts00:19:22
10/22/12The Bill Press Show – Palast Explains How Mitt Romney Made Millions From The Auto Bailout00:11:46
10/18/12Democracy Now – Greg Palast: “Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions From The Rescue of Detroit” 10/18/201200:23:37
09/28/12FSRN – Greg Palast talks about the effects of restrictive voting laws and measures in key battleground states00:06:03
09/20/12WBAI – 5 O’Clock Shadow – Palast discusses his new book Billionaires & Ballot Bandits and voter purges00:50:15
09/17/12Radio Dispatch – Greg Palast talks about his new book Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, as well as the teacher strike in Chicago00:41:38
09/11/12The Matthew Filipowicz Show – Greg Palast discusses his new book, Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How To Steal An Election In 9 Easy Steps00:23:05
09/05/12The Solution Zone – Greg Palast taking about his new book – Billionaires and Ballot Bandits How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps 00:54:00
08/29/12Radio Islam – Greg Palast discusses Congressman Tim Griffin and why RFK says “He should be in jail”00:31:13
07/16/12The Monitor – Palast discusses the latest findings on Fukushima00:19:17
05/29/12Flashpoints – Greg Palast talks about the new voter purge in Florida00:15:28
04/23/12The Nicole Sandler Show – As we marked the two-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon/BP/Halliburton biggest environmental disaster in history, Greg Palast reminds us that BP was experiencing deja vu, as two years before they had an oil rig explode in the Caspian due to quick dry cement and a faulty blowout preventer00:25:04
04/12/12Flashpoints – Palast discusses BP Cover-up00:19:24
03/06/12The Shannyn Moore Show – Greg Palast talks about the BP settlement00:31:12
03/01/12The Matthew Filipowicz Show – Greg Palast talks about how Mitt Romney’s top funders made billions on the auto bailout00:18:40
02/14/12Alex Jones interviews Award winning author and documentary maker Greg Palast about Romney’s Billionaire Vulture Paul Singer, the GOP’s Baddie Sugar Daddie00:42:50
12/01/11The Progressive – Greg Palast talks to Matthew Rothschild about his new book “Vultures’ Picnic”00:28:56
12/07/11Greenpeace Radio – Greg Palast talks to Kert Davies about his new book “Vultures’ Picnic”00:53:39
12/02/2011WORT – Greg Palast talks about ‘Vulture Funds’ in the Congo00:05:53
11/12/11State of Belief Radio – Greg Palast talks about his new book “Vultures’ Picnic” and its spiritual side00:23:10
11/12/11Ring of Fire Radio – Greg Palast talks about his new book “Vultures’ Picnic”00:20:22
10/23/11Carson’s Corner – Greg Palast talks about his new book “Vultures’ Picnic”00:44:12
07/22/11Russia TV-America – Greg Palast talks about the US deficit ‘compromise’00:06:15
04/22/11David Pakman Show – Greg Palast discusses the state of the Gulf of Mexico one year after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill00:10:10
04/21/11Christane Brown’s Solution Zone – Greg Palast talks about the secret BP blowout in the Caspian Sea00:26:22
03/15/11Russian TV-America – Greg Palast discusses dangers of Tokyo Electric building nuclear plants in America00:05:34
03/14/11Flashpoints – Greg Palast talks about dangers of Japanese firm building nuclear plants in US00:07:11
02/06/11Ronald Reagan: Killer, Coward, Con-Man by Greg Palast as read by Zach Roberts00:12:10
08/19/10The Solution Zone – Palast talks about the Ground Zero Mosque00:28:36
07/28/10GRITtv – Palast talks about fighting toxic oil companies00:11:04
07/15/10Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein – Palast launches the “Amazon to Arctic” investigation of BP00:32:10
07/10/10Ring of Fire Radio – Greg Palast on BP00:18:46
05/28/10WMNF with Kate Bradshaw – Palast on BP’s OTHER oil spill00:06:50
05/12/10Russian TV America – Palast talks about BP Oil and Alaska00:05:16
05/03/10The Alex Jones Show – Palast talks about Greece and and the Euro bailout00:27:16
05/10/10Between the Lines-WPKN Radio – Palast talks about BP’s oil spill in Louisiana and BP’s connection to the Exxon Valdez disaster00:24:21
04/26/ – Palast on the immigration law in Arizona00:10:32
04/10/10Palast Live from Hell – 90 minutes with Chuck Mertz 01:28:31
2/25/10BBC World Service – Palast on vulture funds in Liberia00:11:13
1/23/10This is Hell Radio – Palast on Haiti and Supreme Court00:40:26
1/25/10Flashpoints Radio – Palast on recent Supreme Court decision00:59:48
12/15/09Clout – Greg Palast on Corporate Campaign Contributions00:42:07
12/13/09Palast from 8-Mile: the death of GM00:25:49
12/05/09This is Hell with Chuck Mertz – Palast on the WTO and the financial meltdown00:37:45
11/28/09Ring of Fire – Palast on the 10th anniversary of the Battle in Seattle meets with WTO chief in Geneva00:19:24
11/17/09The Solution Zone – Palast on Goldman Sachs00:47:19
10/17/09Flashpoints Radio – Palast on Insurance Company sabotage of Health Care Bill00:15:18
10/15/09Palast interviews Wendell Potter – Exclusive for Truthout.org00:15:25
09/25/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:27:08
09/18/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:29:32
09/15/09Earthbeat Radio with Daphne Wysham00:57:00
09/04/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:28:44
08/31/09The Monitor00:28:42
08/28/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:25:44
08/28/09The Nicole Sandler Show00:35:53
08/17/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:17:24
08/13/09WVOX Radio00:39:15
08/11/09Air America Radio’s Clout00:20:59
05/14/09Environmentally Sound00:51:21
02/19/09Flashpoints Radio00:29:04
01/29/09PRN – Greg Palast Investigates00:30:21
01/23/09Action Point – The Palast Report00:15:20
01/22/09PRN – Greg Palast Investigates00:55:00

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