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Dismantle the walls of this Armed Madhouse by arming yourself with information for action, framing the issues and generating visibility for your group/ organization and its goals.

*JOIN OTHERS IN SPONSORING THE 20 CITY TOUR: Your national or local organization can join Project Censored, Code Pink, Operation PUSH/Rainbow Coalition, Activist San Diego, Global Exchange, Austin Vote Rescue, Ohio Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, Pacifica Radio affiliates, Working Assets and others as a sponsor of the Armed Madhouse tour.

You SPREAD THE WORD about Armed Madhouse: Through your membership, networks and media about speaking events and the book's relevance to your group's issues. Specifically, if your organization is able to send out a notice to your membership via email lists or newsletters about Armed Madhouse, as well as mention it on your website ( we can provide banner ads & links) it is greatly appreciated.

We SPREAD THE Word about YOUR ORGANIZATION and it's goals in return for your efforts; Opportunities include-- sponsors receive free posters, a comp review book for their website/newsletter and recognition at local events, placement on GregPalast.com of your organization's logo and link  to your organization's website, literature and information about your group at tour events in each city, mention of your group in Greg's podcasts.

*FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: PRE-ORDER Copies of Armed Madhouse. If your group or organization orders 24 books or more BEFORE June 4th, 2006 when the tour officially kicks off, Greg Palast will donate back $$$ to your group. You must order the books from Greg Palast's site, http://www.gregpalast.com/armedmadhouse/preorder.html and sign up with sponsors(At)gregpalast.com We also have some free autographed copies we can donate to your group for giveaways. 

"Everyone must read this book"-Jesse Jackson, Operation Push (Tour Sponsor)

"No one has uncovered more about the Bush Dynasty and lived to write about it"
- Baltimore Chronicle 

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