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Ali Alexander throws fellow Capitol insurrection instigators under bus

Ali Alexander, founder of the Stop the Steal organization, is today giving testimony behind closed doors to the January 6th Commission.

As was suspected, he’s throwing everyone else under the bus (except his Stop the Steal accomplices), saying in a memo leaked to the New York Times:

“While I was actively trying to de-escalate events at the Capitol and end the violence and lawlessness, it’s important to note that certain people were nowhere to be found…Press reports suggest they may have had their feet up drinking donor-funded champagne in a war room in the Willard. I don’t know where they were. But they weren’t working with police trying to de-escalate the chaos like I was.”

The Guardian reported that hours before the Jan 6 attack that Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Boris Epshteyn and Trump strategist Steve Bannon were speaking with President Trump via telephone at the Willard Hotel.

If Alexander was actively trying to get people to stop the Capitol attack, he was not doing it from the ground. You can see him in our video, embedded above (at 1:16), far away from the grounds telling his livestream audience, “what’s happening now is exactly what I warned about.”

It’s unknown at this time what the Commission will take away from Alexander’s deposition, but what we at the Palast Investigative Fund would like to see investigated is this extremist’s ties to the larger Republican Party and his aggressive spread of disinformation in the leadup and after the November 2020 election.

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Zach D Roberts is an investigative photojournalist who covers far-right extremism and voter suppression in America. He covered the Unite the Right Rally in Chalottesville and his work there helped put four white extremists in jail. He co-produced Greg Palast's films The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Vigilantes, Inc: America’s Vote Suppression Hitmen (out Fall 2024). Roberts is a Palast Investigative Fund Fellow and Puffin artist grant recipient.

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