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Falluja Arithmetic Lesson

Greg Palast 

New York Times, page 1:

“American commanders said 38 service members had been killed and 275 wounded in the Falluja assault.”

New York Times, page 11:

“The American military hospital here reported that it had treated 419 American soldiers since the siege of Falluja began.”

Questions for the class:

1. If 275 soldiers were wounded in Falluja and 419 are treated for wounds, how many were shot on the plane ride to Germany?

2. We’re told only 275 soldiers were wounded but 419 treated for wounds; and we’re told that 38 soldiers died. So how many will be buried?

3. How long have these Times reporters been embedded with with military? Bonus question: When will they get out of bed with the military?


Eminem’s Mosh Music Video Inspired by Palast Team Investigation

Greg Palast 

Most Americans are well aware that in 2000, the presidential election was decided by 537 votes. From hanging chads to the hourly updates of the manual recount, this story was obsessively covered by the mainstream press. However, what wasn't covered was what journalist Greg Palast discovered that thousands of primarily minority voters were scrubbed from the voter registry in Florida and prevented from potentially changing the course of Americas turbulent last four years. ...more

OPEC and The Economic Conquest of Iraq

Greg Palast 

By special arrangement with Harper's magazine, we are reproducing here for the first time the entire updated article on the US government's secret schemes for seizing control of the oil fields of Iraq -- for the benefit of US oil majors and OPEC. ...more

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Palast Team Win Two Project Censored Awards

Greg Palast 

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Greg Palast will share an award for the article they co-authored on the non-count of the African-American vote in the 2004 election. Greg Palast's investigative team, reporting for BBC Television Newsnight (London), Harper's Magazine and TomPaine.com will also receive an award for their investigations uncovering the State and Defense Department secret plans for US control of Iraq's economy, "especially in the oil and supporting industries," according to the confidential documents. ...more

The Lobbyist Occupation of Iraq

Greg Palast 


From the newly released 2006 Project Censored Year-Book

In his article “Adventure Capitalism,” Greg Palast exposes the contents of a secret plan for “imposing a new regime of low taxes on big business, and quick sales of Iraq’s banks and bridges in fact, ALL state enterprises – to foreign operators … especially the oil.” This economy makeover plan, says Palast, “goes boldly where no invasion plan has gone before.”


Corporate Control of the Final Vote Count: Centralized Voter Registration Databases

Greg Palast 

Matthew Pascarella offered a clear reason for concern about the imminent privatization of state-wide centralized voter registration databases. Section 303 of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires all states to complete this process within the next three months. These databases will be the gateway to voting and the fences that keep people from the polls. ...more

No Medals for Mr. Galloway Either

Greg Palast 

Terrorism viewed from the eyes of a 6 year old child

By Leni von Eckardt

1972, the year the Summer Olympics took place in Munich, Germany.
For those too young to remember, this was the venue for one of the most notorious terrorist acts committed on innocent people.

On September 5th of that year a Palestinian terrorist group called ‘Black September’ murdered 11 athletes of the Israeli Olympic team.

Rarely was the cause of innocent Palestinians served worse. …more

Hitchens Replies, Galloway Hides

Greg Palast 

Mr. Christopher Hitchens says he doesn't remember his words that way. [In my column, "What's Left?," I wrote:

"Some drunk accosted me, saying, "George Bush was right about everything he said about Iraq!" It was Christopher Hitchens." ...more

Mr. Hitchens’ Habit of Subjugation

Greg Palast 

My editors at Index on Censorship magazine, London, receives lots of nutty notes from enraged readers, but this was special:

Greg Palast���s hastily-written article entitled, Kissing the Whip. What on earth is Index doing when it allows its space to be wasted, and its reputation for seriousness lowered, by ignorance and pettiness of this sort? ...more

Bush Rushes to Flood Site
Orders Emergency Tax-Cuts

Greg Palast 

New Orleans - Reminding the residents of Gulf Coast that, if can they can find their missing loved ones, they will qualify for the new higher exemption on inheritance taxes. "Don't think of them as lost, think of them as floating tax deductions!" ...more

Bush Strafes New Orleans
Where is our Huey Long?

Greg Palast 

A Republican President having his photo taken as the Mississippi rolled over New Orleans. It was 1927, and Calvin Coolidge, "a little fat man with a notebook in his hand," promised to rebuild the land. Then he left to play golf with Ken Lay or the Ken Lay railroad baron equivalents of his day. ...more