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Year: 2004

Give it Back, George:
The Lay Loot That Bought The White House

Greg Palast 

Bush and Republicans Should Give up Ill-Gotten Gains

When the feds swoop down and cuff racketeers, they also load the vans with all the perp’s ill-gotten gains: stacks of cash, BMWs, whatever. Their associates have to cough up the goodies too: lady friends must give up their diamond rocks. …more

Ahnold Gets Lay’d

Greg Palast 


San Francisco Chronicle

Geraldine Field (Letters, June 16) asks where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is when it comes to demanding accountability from Enron for the money that they gamed from California during the manufactured energy crisis of 2001? …more

While Reagan Napped:
Ronnie, Osama and The Chin Defense

Greg Palast 

Vinnie the Chin had a great alibi. The New York mob capo shuffled down the street in his bathrobe, unshaved, drooling out the side of his mouth. When he got busted, he pleaded he was too gone-in-the-head to know about the Cosa Nostra running rackets from his candy shop.


The New Assistant

Greg Palast 

What about Jack Nicholson’s point?
Screw rights, we want safety. Well, Jack, we’re both old farts who can remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. …more

Vanishing Votes

Greg Palast 

On October 29, 2002, George W. Bush signed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Hidden behind its apple-pie-and-motherhood name lies a nasty civil rights time bomb. ...more

Fear and Libel

Greg Palast 

Not everyone gets to be Woodward and Bernstein, cracking the big story and coming out a hero. BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast is getting the Southern California branch of the American Civil Liberties Union's 2004 Upton Sinclair Freedom of Expression Award this weekend - but he was also recently sued for $15 million by former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat. ...more

Guerrilla of the Week

Greg Palast 

Greg Palast is back with an updated, expanded edition of the bestseller that won't die, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. GNN's Jenn Bleyer caught up with America's most prolific muckraker at a recent New York event. Palast was in rare form, pulling no punches as he explained how we're headed for another election debacle, the connection between Iraq and America's African-American community, and why Michael Moore is allowed to get away with what he does. ...more

Muzzling Michael
Muzzling Me

Greg Palast 

Hands off the fat guy in the chicken suit, Mr. Mogul.

WHEN the fattened cats at Disney put the kibosh on Michael Moore’s new film, ‘Fahrenheit 9-11,’ they did more than censor an artist. …more

Britain for Sale

Greg Palast 

From The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

ON THE first Wednesday of July 1998, on the floor of the House of Commons, Britain’s prime minister rose to defend himself. According to the news reports, for the first time since his election the year before, Tony Blair’s hands were shaking. The PM denounced the American reporter whose exposé of wholesale corruption in his cabinet “had not one shred of evidence”. Meanwhile, Blair’s press spokesman, a former pornographer named Alastair Campbell, grabbed every newsman he could find in the hallway to whisper that they should not trust a “man in a hat”, while Peter Mandelson, known as Prince of Darkness, and the power behind the power of the prime minister, hissed a warning about “the man with an agenda”. …more

ACLU Freedom of Expression Award

Greg Palast 

The American Civil Union has awarded Greg Palast the Upton Sinclair Freedom of Expression Award (the ‘Uppie’) for his book, Democracy and Regulation, originally published by the United Nations International Labor Organization. (New 2003 edition by Pluto Press.) Palast will share the award with his co-authors Theo MacGregor and Jerrold Oppenheim. …more