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Thoughts on our War Against Terrorism

Greg Palast 

Authorities tell us that the world changed on September 11. As a result, university professors must watch what they say in class or be turned in to the "speech" police. ...more

BuzzFlash Interviews Greg Palast

Greg Palast 

We are honored to post our second interview with Greg Palast, an investigative reporter for the BBC and the Observer (sister paper of the Guardian). ...more

Greg Palast On Globalization

Greg Palast 

For those that are familiar with Greg's writing this interview will provide further insight into the world of investigative journalism and for those that are not it will provide an introduction to a depth of reporting we should expect and demand from all journalists. ...more

The Great Florida Ex-Con Game

Greg Palast 

In November the U.S. media, lost in patriotic reverie, dressed up the Florida recount as a victory for President Bush. But however one reads the ballots, Bush's win would certainly have been jeopardized had not some Floridians been barred from casting ballots at all. Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state - Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, both prot?�g?�es of Governor Jeb Bush- ordered 57,700 "ex-felons," who are prohibited from voting by state law, to be removed from voter rolls. (In the thirty-five states where former felons can vote, roughly 90 percent vote Democratic.) A portion of the list, which was compiled for Florida by DBT Online, can be seen for the first time here; DBT, a company now owned by ChoicePoint of Atlanta, was paid $4.3 million for its work, replacing a firm that charged $5,700 per year for the same service. If the hope was that DBT would enable Florida to exclude more voters, then the state appears to have spent its money wisely. ...more

A BuzzFlash Interview with BBC Investigative Reporter GREG PALAST

Greg Palast 

Greg Palast, an investigative reporter for the BBC and the Observer (sister paper of the Guardian), is well-known among BuzzFlash readers for his expose on how Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris disenfranchised black voters in Florida. Based in London (because tenacious investigative reporters are not valued in the U.S. media, he Says) Greg is thorough, cynical and fearless. In March, BuzzFlash.com will be featuring Greg's new investigative reporting book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."Greg Palast takes no prisoners. Here's Greg as quoted in news release by the Institute for Public Accuracy: "The California blackouts are a simple case of greed run amok�Ķ. The big winners in this monstrosity are Enron -- the largest career contributor to George W. Bush -- and other energy companies who have strangled the market. ...more

Argentina: El Plan Secreto Del Presidente Del Banco Mundial para sangrar a la nacion una mezcla desgraciada de autodelirio y crueldad

Greg Palast 

Un sobre que contiene el memor?�ndum Plan de Asistencia a Argentina para los pr??ximos cuatro a?�os se ha posado sobre mi escritorio. El documento, firmado por el Presidente del Banco Mundial, James Wolfensohn, incluye la advertencia de que quienes lo reciben deben usar el documento ���solamente en el desempe?�o de sus deberes oficiales���. ...more

Eyes-Only Memos Show Who Done It

Greg Palast 

In Buenos Aires, the Paris of Latin America, police gunned down two dozen Argentines in December after they chose to face bullets rather than starvation. The nation���s currency had crumbled and unemployment had shot up from a grim 16 percent to millions more than the collapsing government could measure. The economy had been murdered in cold blood. ...more

‘You’ll get skinned alive’: When Tony met Enron

Greg Palast 

When Tony met Enron I was there to witness love at first sight. New Labour was warned about Enron and its number crunchers, Arthur Andersen, after the office of Jack Cunningham, then Tony Blair's Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary, rang me in New York at 5am on 21 September 1995. ...more

t r u t h o u t’s Marc Ash interviews Greg Palast

Greg Palast 

Well, we have a president that thinks he can take office without being elected. There are not many limits on what he thinks he can get away with, including, for example, handing out pieces of American policy to his donors. It's serious business. It's a serious business when the votes don't count in this country. So, what I was trying to do, what I had done for BBC and when I expanded the book to include a report that I had never previously published is to show exactly how Bush, the Bush family, stole the presidential vote -- and the republicans of Florida. And what we do is provide evidence which I did for investigations for BBC television and for The Guardian newspaper of Britain -- a shame that it had to be British media which had to find out who got elected president -- but you'll see that information in there, the material I have yet to broadcast and publish. ...more

Enron: not the only bad apple

Greg Palast 

I guess I'm not a nice guy. But when I heard that Enron's former vice-chairman Cliff Baxter had shunted his mortal coil, I shed no tears.

One tabloid even called Baxter a "hero" who courageously raised the alarm about his company's fantasy financials. ...more

Guerrilla of the Year

Greg Palast 

Editor's Pick, ��January 2, 2002

It was a big year for muckraker Greg Palast. He broke shocking stories about the Bush
Administration's spiking of intelligence probes into bin Laden and Jeb Bush's role in the
Florida election theft. ...more