Year: 1999

BP Failed to Act on Warnings of Alaska Tragedy

Greg Palast 

British Petroleum failed to act on warnings of an environmental catastrophe in the run-up to the Exxon Valdez disaster, whose effects are still being felt a decade later, an investigation by The Observer has established. ...more

Outrage over Monsanto’s Underhand Tactics in EU

Greg Palast 

An international consumer group is calling for world trade authorities to withdraw a key endorsement of Monsanto's controversial growth hormone for cows in the wake of Observer revelations that the company had obtained access to confidential EU documents. ...more

Scottish Power Deal Rocked by US Attacks

Gregory Palast for The Observer/Guardian UK

Scottish Power's troubled takeover of United States electricity company Pacificorp is under further pressure this weekend. Veteran consumer campaigner Ralph Nader is preparing legal action to block it, while tougher limits on profits threatened by US regulators could make the deal unviable. ...more

Mind the Gaps. Industry won’t Police itself

Greg Palast 

Here's something to put your mind at ease. The federal government payroll in the United States includes 150 bureaucrats whose job is to measure the space between the mattresses and railings on bunk beds. ...more