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Year: 1999

Inside Corporate America
The Few Cyberati Dial Handouts from the Many

Greg Palast 

It's 2022 and my grandchildren ask, 'Grandpa, when did the communications counter-revolution begin?' As we huddle round the cyberfire, they guess it all went wrong in October 1999. That was when MCI WorldCom paid $115 billion for Sprint Corporation which, once it had merged with AT&T in 2002, gave the telephony behemoth 80 per cent of America's long-distance market. ...more

Consumers set for Payout in Microsoft Case

Greg Palast 

All British users of Windows software - and that's almost everyone with a PC - could be in for a payment from Microsoft as a result of the US government's case against it for monopolising the market for operating systems. ...more

UK Fat Cats? Mere Kittens

Greg Palast 

It's that time of year again, when executive pay league tables hit the headlines and set off a chorus of union leaders, professors of ethics and the plain jealous who yowl about fat cat pay. ...more

Bank Appoints Controversial TV Evangelist

Gregory Palast for The Observer/Guardian UK

The Bank of Scotland has appointed the controversial American TV evangelist Dr Pat Robertson as chairman of its US retail banking holding company. The fundamentalist minister is known in America as founder and president of the 1.2-million member far-right Christian Coalition and for his statements attacking feminists, homosexuals, Democrats and Hindus. ...more

Native Inc Oils Wheels in Alaska

Greg Palast 

Holy week is especially solemn in Chenega. On Good Friday 1964, a tidal wave swept over the Chugach native village on Chenega Island in Alaska's Prince William Sound. Every home was washed out to sea. One-third of the residents drowned. ...more

Stiff US Opposition to Scottish Power

Greg Palast 

Governor Michael Leavitt of Utah, whose agencies must approve the purchase, had called on Scottish Power to cut charges by 5 per cent. But at a private meeting in Portland on Wednesday, executives signalled that no price reductions were in the offing. ...more