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  • Remembering MLK Jr.
    with Steady Loving Confrontation

    Meet Lynda Blackmon Lowery.

    Late last year we talked with Mrs. Lowery for our new film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy about her first time meeting Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and what his words meant to her.

    Her mother died when she was only 7 years old, from that point forward she became committed to making sure that not another child would lose her mother because the color of her skin. So when she heard Dr. King speak the words of "Steady loving confrontation" she became committed to the Civil Rights movement. At 14 years old she marched with King across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday in 1965.

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    Get the Bernie bio today — not because…

      …not because you’re for or against Bernie Sanders the candidate, but because you are against the trivial idiocy of boob-tube media that won’t give you real information about the candidates who would rule our nation.

    As a journalist, I don’t support candidates — but I do support the journalism of Ted Rall, a fellow of the Palast Investigative Fund, whose reports in graphic form are entertaining antidotes to news as chit-chat.

    I need you to get the book now!   Your brain will feel better for it.

    Read my review.

    Ted Rall’s 200-page “comic book” is reporting at its best — fascinating, factual, no bias, no BS.  (And, no sin, it’s fun.)

    Most important, your tax-deductible donation for the signed Bernie book will support our investigation of the latest in vote theft shenanigans.

    Today’s New York Times’ story on Sanders?  A profile of the staffer who plays pretend-Hillary in preparing Sen. Sanders for the debates.  How cute.  How trivial.  And that’s the ‘Paper of Record,’ Lord help us.

    But if you want those rare things called (Show me more...)

    Bernie – The new Comic Book Bio
    It can cure Stupid

    Watch these 2 Minutes…

    A personal note from Greg Palast

    I am asking you… watch these 2 minutes from the film that can stop the billionaires from burgling the 2016 election.

    The Best Democracy Money Can Buy—A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits (out in 2016) is my biggest and most important full feature investigative film yet.

    "An American hero." - Martin Luther King III

    We need funds to finish this film. Join me with a tax-deductible donation and earn an on-screen credit.

    Read my report from Selma, Alabama, "Will you walk with me?" to learn more about the film.

    With your invaluable help we can stop the billionaire bandits from stealing 2016.

    On behaIf of the the entire Palast investigative team I want to thank you all for your support this year.

    We wish you a very happy Holiday Season and a great New Year!

    Greg Palast, Reporting

    *  *  *  *  *  *   *

    Support this film with a tax-deductible Donation

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    Behind North Korea’s Nukes:
    GW Bush’s “Khan Job”

    How did North Korea get The Bomb in the first place?  As I disclosed on BBC Television Newsnight, the ugly answer is that George W. Bush turned a blind eye to Pakistan's secret sale of the technology to the North Korean regime.

    Read the original story from The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:

    On November 7, 2001, BBC Television's Newsnight reported that the Bush administration thwarted investigations of Dr. A.Q. Khan, known as the "father" of Pakistan's atomic bomb. This week, Khan confessed to selling atomic secrets to Libya, North Korea, and Iran.

    The Bush Administration has expressed shock at disclosures that Pakistan (Show me more...)

    Alabama Gov. Fixing Mansion with BP Fund Money


    The Governor of Alabama has decided that instead of using BP's cleanup money for restoring the lives of those affected by one of the worst man-made disasters in history, he's using it to rebuild a mansion.Alabama_Governor's_MansionOwned by the State of Alabama the million dollar beach residence of the Governor has been closed for 18 years since Hurricane Danny damaged it. The fix-up is "estimated at $1.5 million to $1.8 million" and will be done by May according to the Associated Press.

    A million and a half bucks could pay for a lot of beach cleanup, something that's still needed in the Gulf. But as with everything associated with this deal the money goes to the top - and then trickles down to the bottom. Just like the oil in the Gulf.

    The BP settlement has been a disaster since the beginning, as I reported back in 2012:

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    Will you walk with me?

    A personal note from Greg Palast

    We’re close, so very close to finishing our new movie The Best Democracy Money Can Buy—A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits (out in 2016) but I urgently need your help to get us over the finish line.

    You can truly make a difference by making a tax-deductible contribution to The Palast Investigative Fund and lend your vitally needed support for any amount, large or small.

    You can also donate to get a Screen Credit as a Producer ($1,000), Co-Producer ($500) or Supporter ($100), or how about getting the name of one of your loved ones up on the screen as a Christmas Gift?

    Can you help me make this film an event, a cause, and weapon for the new civil rights movement?

    So what’s the story causing me to beg you to come to our aid?

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    Chavez wins in Venezuela — No kidding

    The fact that the party of the late Hugo Chavez lost two-thirds of the seats in Venezuela’s congress puts a lie to the canard that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as created by Chavez is some kind of dictatorship, a nasty bit of propaganda long pushed by the US mainstream press.

    For BBC, I covered Venezuela elections. There, they count the votes—unlike in the Third World dictatorships of Florida and Ohio.

    I know the leader of the opposition, Julio Borges, just as I knew Chavez and the current President Nicolas Maduro.

    Borges is no right-wing fascist. It’s important to note that the opposition did not run against Chavez or his legacies and policies. Rather they ran against a sclerotic government, too long in office, petty corruption—and the crushing reality of oil income cut by more than half.

    Chavez' revolution is permanent. The redistribution of wealth and power to the Black and Indian population from the white "Spaniards" is irreversible.

    Chavez is gone but Chavismo lives despite the crying and moaning of the world financial elite.

    Ironically, Chavez’ socialist party is the victim of the success of its policies: young people, who did not know the crushing poverty and hopelessness that reigned before Chavez, are now college grads, clamoring to maintain the middle-class lives they’ve come to expect.

    Chavez would be pleased with the triumph of the real democracy he created.

    In honor of this affirmation of democracy, our foundation will offer a free download of "The Assassination of Hugo Chavez."

    And next year, may democracy return to the USA.

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    We have nothing to sell but fear itself

    Fear is the sales pitch for many products: from war on the Euphrates to billion-dollar submarines. Better than toothpaste that makes your teeth whiter than white, this stuff will make us safer than safe. It’s political junk food, the cheap filling in the flashy tube.

    True security for life’s dangers—from a real national health insurance program to protecting teachers' jobs, would take a slice of the profits of the owning classes, the Lockheeds, the JP Morgans. The War on Terror has become class war by other means.

    And who will get us next? Don’t assume they’ll be clutching Korans. Until September 11, 2001, the deadliest terror attack in American history was carried out by (Show me more...)

    Big Oil Threatens Academia, Again

    This week on Democracy Now,'s Bill McKibben was on the program to discuss Exxon's "thuggish" attempt to threaten Columbia journalism students after they published an investigation into Exxon's climate lies.

    It's not news to anyone who follows my work that big oil likes to use their financial sway in higher education. Back in 2009 I wrote about the Deputy Director of the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, Ivor Van Heerden who was pushed out of his job when he started talking too much about how Big Oil helped drown New Orleans.

    I don't get to use the word "heroic" very often. Van Heerden is heroic. It was van Heerden who told me, on camera, something so horrible, so frightening, that, (Show me more...)

    Jefferson Davis and me in Montgomery

    It’s been 60 years since Rosa Parks took a stand here in Montgomery. The journey has been long—and we still haven’t arrived. I stopped by the State Capitol, with Jefferson Davis in front, while investigating the latest Alabama outrage against Black voters.

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    Who Hatched Rubio?

    The news media was abuzz when Marco Rubio received what likely is the most important endorsement of the 2016 political season. Courted by Bush, Christie, and even 'The Donald,' the man known by his colleagues as "The Vulture" was circled by many, but eventually he swooped in on Rubio.

    So who is this... Vulture?

    He was the man behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the man behind Mitt Romney, and the man that chose Paul Ryan for Vice President.

    The Vulture is well known for all of this, but the real reason why Paul Singer is important can be found here on

    Watch our first ever investigation into this financial bird of prey below, and read more on how Singer has built his empire on the ruins of nations, the Congolese, and union workers.

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    Paris, je pense a vous

    Union Square Vigil - Photo by Zach D Roberts

    Keystone Delay?
    Kochs’ President will OK Kochs’ Pipe

    Yesterday TransCanada called for the State Department to pause its review of the Keystone XL Pipeline until after the 2016 election. Of course, with every Democratic candidate against the filthy crude tube, and every Republican for it, the delay is a gamble on the race.

    But who’s behind the pipe — that is, who benefits? And why in the world are we sending oil all the way down from Canada…Texas? Texas, I hear, already has a little oil.

    The answer is a four letter word: Koch. Read the story we broke in Vice Magazine, "I want my fair share – and that's ALL OF IT."

    Dan Rather, Hero or Zero?

    Click the image to download Bush Family Fortunes for free

    There's a new movie out about the supposed heroics of Dan Rather called 'Truth.' Unfortunately, the title is a lie, there's little truth to be found in Rather's story.

    [For the real story of Bush and the Texas Air Guard, download Palast's BBC film Bush Family Fortunes for free.

    Just three months before the 2004 election, Dan Rather had a story that might have changed the outcome of that razor-close race. Despite his self-glorifying fantasy in his film Truth,  the fact is that Dan cut a back-room deal to shut his mouth, grab his ankles, and let his network retract a story he knew to be absolutely true.

    It began on September 8, 2004, when Rather, on CBS, ran a story that Daddy Bush Senior had, in 1968, put in the fix to get his baby George out of the Vietnam War and into the Texas Air National Guard. Little George then rode out the war defending Houston from Viet Cong attack.

    The story about the Family Bush is stone-cold solid. I know, because we ran it on BBC Television a year before CBS (see that broadcast here). Neither I or BBC have ever retracted a word of it.

    You can download that film - Bush Family Fortunes -  for free here.

    Read the rest of Dan's tall tale here.

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    No Child’s Behind Left

    By Greg Palast

    To celebrate Education Secretary Arne Duncan's exit, I am re-publishing this investigation. - GP

    Excerpt from Armed Madhouse

    They take away your overtime, your 40-hour week, your regulatory protection against corporate marauders, your right to courtroom justice, your protection against unfair trade, even the right to get your ballot counted.

    But there's always hope.

    Hope is the last thing to go. And your hope is your kids, that they'll have an opportunity you didn't have. On January 21, 2004, the President told you they'd have to take that away too. On that night, deep into his State of the Union sermon to Congress, when sensible adults had turned off the tube or kicked in the screen, our President opened a new front in the class war. And like the one in Iraq, it began with a lie. "By passing the No Child Left Behind Act," our President told us, "We are regularly testing every child...and making sure they have better options when schools are not performing." (Show me more...)

    Terror in Tiny Town

    Greg Palast reporting from Southold, New York

    Excerpted from the NY Times Bestseller Armed Madhouse.

    In the War on Terror, we are all on the front lines. Now Southold has apparently been targeted by al-Qaeda. I'm not surprised.

    Southold, if you look at a map, is situated at the ass end of nowhere. We are known for our Strawberry Festival and fire truck parade. According to the Census, this tiny place is made up almost entirely of inbred farmers, real estate speculators and volunteer firemen.

    At one end of town is the "Brand Names Outlet Mall" and the water-slide park. At the other end, there's a ferryboat that takes those who feel lucky to the Indian casino in Connecticut. And in between, there's Main Street where we hold the Strawberry Festival. (The festival is a quaint and annoying white-folks' ritual, an opportunity for backstabbing, petty infighting and all-American small-mindedness. But that's another story altogether.)

    Last month, Town Supervisor Josh, with powers granted him by the Department of Homeland Security, declared a "national security emergency." (Show me more...)

    New Orleans: I’m not celebrating

    By Greg Palast

    This week, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, The Palast Investigative Fund is offering my film, Big Easy to Big Empty:  The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans as a FREE downloadIt wasn’t a natural disaster, it was a homicide.  This is the story you’re not supposed to know.  Get it, and pass on the link.

    Screw the celebration.  New Orleans hasn’t “come back.”  That is, there are still the Bourbon Street bars serving “Hurricanes” to sloshed tourists and Mardi Gras when white Americans can catch trinkets from floats floating over the ghosts of the drowned.

    New Orleans is back to 79% of its pre-flood population.  Why am I not cheering? Because the original residents—that is, the majority of the pre-flood Black residents—are still wandering in (Show me more...)

    Get the Snowden Bio Today Because…

    … we aren’t running out of oil, we’re running out of HEROISM.  Ted Rall’s biography in cartoon form is a how-to book on how to make a hero—the creation of courage.

    … because Rall, in full color, with humor and insight and facts you need to know, pulls down the pants of the spy-on-you state and exposes the pathetic, mean and dangerous.

    ... because Snowden, even before its release Tuesday, is already the #1 Graphic Biography.  Get the book RIGHT NOW and Ted can hit the Times list—and that means Snowden’s face will be in every airport and newsstand — just like the NSA.

    I need you to get the book now!

    "Dramatic, Evocative, Important"
    – Noam Chomsky

    Help Ted make the bestseller list and get your book from:


    Or make a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more to get a signed copy of Snowden.

    100% goes to support Ted’s work.

    I’m proud that Ted Rall is a Journalism Fellow of the Palast Investigative Fund. As we’ve previously reported, Rall was fired last month by the LA Times because of pressure from the LAPD.

    Many thanks to those of you who have supported him in this battle against censorship at its ugliest.

    And no doubt, the LAPD will hate this book too.  Snowden reveals (Show me more...)

    Cops Gun Down un-Armed
    Journalist’s Career
    LA Times fires Ted Rall – evidence blows up
    in newspaper’s face

    By Greg Palast  |  Reader Supported News

    Ted Rall is a lying, fantasist scumbag.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the LA Times, complicit with the Los Angeles police, have slandered and slimed America’s toughest critic of police violence.The story:  On July 27, the LA Times fired their long-time columnist and cartoonist Ted Rall for fabricating a story of police misconduct.  The LA Times’ evidence?  A tape recording provided by the LAPD.  Problem was, the tape was muffled—possibly tampered with.

    When audio experts cleaned the garbage interference on the tape—uh, oh!- the LAPD and LA Times accusations fell to pieces.

    The details:  On May 11, Ted Rall wrote his umpteenth column in the LA Times, LAPD's Crosswalk Crackdown: Don't Police Have Something Better to do? about gang violence:  the gang is the LAPD.  This was Rall’s lightest jab of all, a satirical remembrance of when, 14 years earlier, a cop put him in handcuffs for a simple jaywalking ticket.

    Unbeknownst to Rall, the jaywalker-stalker cop had recorded this big bust.  The LAPD dropped the tape on the Times.

    Ted Rall’s new book-length comic, Snowden
    will be released on August 25.

    Pre-order it from Amazon, B&N & others and get him on the bestseller list – or make a tax-deductible donation and get a copy signed by Ted.

    100% of the proceeds will go to Rall’s defense. Or lend you support by making a No Gift Donation.
    (Rall is a Fellow of The Palast Investigative Fund)

    The police source said the recording and other info proved Rall was lying. That the tape proved that Rall had never (Show me more...)

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