The Book

ARMED MADHOUSE - Who’s afraid of Osama Wolf?
China floats, Bush Sinks;
The Scheme to Steal ‘08,
No Child’s Behind Left
And Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War

TRILLION DOLLAR BABIES. If you suspected George Bush had a secret plan to control Iraq’s oil from the day he took office, you’d be wrong. He had two plans and Palast has them both-the confidential documents from inside the State Department, and the full, hidden story of the titanic battle between neo-cons and Big Oil that keeps our troops under fire in Baghdad.

THE WORLD AS A COMPANY TOWN. Palast pushes Thomas Friedman off the golf courses of the Flat World and into an economics lesson. Palast delivers the truth about globalization with stacks of inside documents from the vaults of the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO.

KERRY WON: Now Get Over It. Republicans just seem to have that winning spirit. They also have caging lists, felons of the future, rotting ballots, snuffed canaries, the undead, and a presumed lock on the 2008 election.

The macabre fun and folly of the war on terror — Ground Zero as a profit center and Osama’s Operation Islamic Liberation (O.I.L.), plus the Navy’s $36 billion design for ‘Marines in a Tube.’

CLASS WAR. Who drowned New Orleans? Investigations into the collapse of General Motors and how Bush is planning to have China save our social security system, plus-the coming assassination of Hugo Chavez.