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  • Why we are suing Ohio and Kansas
    We CAN Reverse Purges

    by Greg Palast for The Palast Investigative Fund

    The Supreme Court decision blessing the purge of half a million voters in Ohio is NOT the last word.

    On Monday, the renowned law firm of Mirer Mazzocchi Julien of New York will serve a 90-day notice on Jon Husted, the Secretary of State of Ohio, of our intent to file suit in federal court unless we receive complete information on each of the hundreds of thousands of voters removed from the voter rolls.

    Movie Still from The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

    We have already filed a demand for information on Kris Kobach, the éminence grise behind Ohio and other mass purges nationwide, to open his purge program files to us. We are joined in this demand by the ACLU of Kansas.

    What we can do

    As I explained in my prior report, the Supreme Court did not authorize Ohio to (Show me more...)

    Ohio’s Junk Mail Trick Led The Supreme Court To Approve Jim Crow Vote Purge

    By Greg Palast for Truthout

    Monday’s Supreme Court decision blessing Ohio’s removal of half a million voters was ultimately decided on the issue of a postcard.

    Now that little postcard threatens the voting rights of millions — but it can be reversed.

    The instant-news media, working from press releases, not the Supreme Court’s decision itself, said that Husted, Ohio Secretary of State v. A. Philip Randolph Institute was about whether Ohio has the right to remove voters who failed to cast ballots in two federal election cycles.


    Even the Court’s right-wing majority concedes that federal law strictly forbids removing voters because they skipped some elections. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 states that a voter purge program “shall not result in the removal of the name of any person … by reason of the person’s failure to vote.”

    But here’s the trick (Show me more...)

    Did The Supreme Court Just Legalize Caging?

    [Above: Thom Hartmann and Greg Palast discuss the recent Supreme Court decision which validates Ohio's massive purge-by-postcard.]

    The Supreme Court's blessing of Ohio's move to remove a half million voters from the rolls because they missed two elections should scare you. But dig this: At least 100,000 of those voters, mostly in Democratic areas, actually only missed one election. Being on the Crosscheck list and not returning a postcard was counted by GOP Secretary of State rules as a "missed" election. (Show me more...)

    Oil-Can Eddie: The Man Who Made Me An Investigator – And Made Me A Man
    Eddie Sadlowski (1938-2018)

    By Greg Palast

    Eddie Sadlowski
    [Above: Edward Eugene “Oil-can” Sadlowski,
    September 10, 1938 - June 10, 2018.

    Eddie Sadlowski was a machine oiler at U.S. Steel Southworks. In 1976, he led a workers’ rebellion to take control of the million-person United Steelworkers of America. (Back then, workers were united and America made steel.) Oil-can Eddie was America’s working-class hero, back then, when America was working. He’d been profiled on 60 Minutes. The University of Chicago Business School thought it cute to bring him to the ivy-decorated campus to lecture, with his rough hands and Local 1110 windbreaker, so the yuppies-in-training could make fun of the workers’ monkey trying to speak English.

    Sadlowski stunned them, his brain racing beyond them. (Show me more...)

    Court Checks Crosscheck In Indiana

    By Greg Palast

    A federal judge has enjoined Indiana from purging voters just because they are on Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck list. The winning suit was brought by Common Cause. Their complaint extensively cited the work of the Palast Investigations Fund.

    Indiana Preliminary Injunction

    [Above: Excerpt from the preliminary injunction which bars Indiana from removing voters from the rolls based on Crosscheck alone. View full order here.]

    This means Crosscheck is wounded, but the beast can still kill. Kill democracy. But we are proud to have provided the hard investigative facts that saved tens of thousands of voters of color in Indiana. Just 25 states to go… and we’re going after all of them, one at a time. (Show me more...)

    How RFK Saved MLK’s Life

    By Greg Palast

    22 June 1963 - Martin Luther King meets with Attorney General, Robert F Kennedy. White House. Credit: Abbie Rowe, National Park Service/JFK Library, Boston".

    50 years ago today, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. This is the story of RFK’s profile in political courage, gambling his brother’s election to the Presidency in order to save Martin Luther King Jr. from lynching.

    It was a Republican, Martin Luther King Sr., who made John Kennedy president of the United States — for JFK’s saving Daddy King’s son, Martin Jr., from lynching.

    This harrowing and little known drama of terror and courage, confirmed for me by Martin Luther King III, changed American politics — and America — forever.

    On October 19, 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Georgia for driving with an Alabama driver's license and sentenced to six months hard labor. No one expected King to survive the sentence — he’d be lynched at the outset.

    His father, Martin King Sr., had one desperate chance to save his son. (Show me more...)

    Kris Kobach’s Toy Machine Gun

    by Greg Palast

    Kobach Gun

    Kris Kobach has brought a new weapon to his hunt for the chimerical Fraudulent Voter: A flag-covered military jeep with a mounted 50-caliber machine gun — a toy one. It’s a fitting symbol for Kobach, whose hunt for Trump's claimed 3 million fraudulent voters has only shot blanks.

    Kobach, once thought the obvious successor to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, is now running (Show me more...)

    Rhymes with Weinstein

    Greg Palast, the journalist, shares a brain with Greg Palast the poet and story writer.  This is the first time Palast the poet has bothered you with verse—and the last time.  I will never send you another poem nor story unless you specifically sign up for my rhymes and fictions.

    I was living in Hollywood, this was years ago, working as a sandwich-sign man, jazz drummer and a sperm donor.  God knows why, but my girlfriend decided to try out for a film.  This is about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein – or, more correctly, one of the 120,000 Weinsteins trolling the arts.

    [Caution: language not for the squeamish.]

    Audition (for Harvey Weinstein)


    Free Speech TV & MNN Presents…
    Elections 2018: Voting Rights Under Attack

    By Greg Palast

    "The American voting system is busted. It’s shattered. They’re trying to take away your vote by saying you’re not a citizen, by saying you voted in another state, by giving you provisional ballots for some cockamamie reason, by purging you from the voter rolls. These obstacles are put in the way of mostly voters of color — that’s the real issue. We have an apartheid election system in the United States.” — Greg Palast, Free Speech TV, May 10, 2018

    On May 10, 2018, I participated in a broadcast and companion Twitter chat hosted by Free Speech TV and MNN entitled, "Elections 2018 — Voting Rights Under Attack.” The opening featured an interview with me and clips from the updated edition of my movie, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of The Stolen Election, which served as a springboard for a panel discussion on voting rights — and the lack thereof (Show me more...)

    Paul “The Vulture” Singer Targets Hyundai

    By Greg Palast

    While Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are playing double-or-nothing with the survival of Koreans, Trump’s billionaire sugar-daddy is taking advantage of political upheaval to attempt a seizure of one South Korea's major employers: Hyundai Motor. Paul Singer, known as The Vulture, is mounting an attack on the auto-maker known for providing life-time union-wage employment for workers. Putting worker welfare on a par with profits infuriates Singer. He sees them as fat targets ripe for takeover and tearing apart.

    In our film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, we explain how Singer, his Vulture Fund called "Elliott Management," and Singer’s cronies took over the General Motors auto parts operation (Delphi) — then closed almost every factory, ended all union jobs, and reopened the factories in China.

    Here is my interview with Korea’s main newspaper, Chosun Ilbo.

    Singer’s goons have said they, "have a file on Greg Palast." As you can see, I have a file on HIM… (Show me more...)

    Mom’s Last Message For You

    Mom (1921-2018)

    Look at the photo, her last one, taken a couple weeks ago.  A few days before she died.

    There’s a message for you there.  And it’s way bigger than the IMPEACH TRUMP T-shirt she’s wearing.

    What message?  It begins in Chicago.  1920s.  Her dad, Grandpa Alex, was a milkman, schlepping milk cans by horse-drawn cart.

    At the time, a kid could get into the movies for ten cents; and her mother gave her the dime to go every week.  For 10 weeks straight, my mother went to the movies, but didn’t go in. For 10 weeks she saved the ten cents, and looked for a warm place in the Chicago snow to wait for her brothers and sisters to come out of the theater.

    Until she had a dollar to get her mom a birthday present.

    In 1943, during World War II, Gladys Palast was the first woman to enlist in the US Coast Guard.

    I wish I could say Mom signed up to lick Hitler. But, truth is, she did it to get out of (Show me more...)

    Palast with ACLU Kansas Announces
    Legal Attack on
    Trump Double-Voter Claims and Purges

    Greg Palast, joined by ACLU of Kansas, launches nationwide legal attack on Trump’s claim that millions of people have voted twice illegally.

    Palast is the Rolling Stone journalist who broke the original story that thousands of voters in 29 states lost their right to vote because of Trump’s phony double voter claim.

    Palast is the only US journalist with the names of more than 1,000,000 of the accused voters – obtained in a years long investigation for Al Jazeera and Rolling Stone, an investigation which won the prestigious Global Editors award.

    Palast is working alongside the ACLU of Kansas because the "double-vote" list was created by Trump "vote fraud czar" Kris Kobach as part of his "Interstate Crosscheck" program. Used by 29 states, almost all GOP controlled, voting officials have secretively challenged and purged thousands of voters from voter rolls in Ohio, Michigan, Arizona, Oklahoma and other states.

    Palast’s team of experts has determined that the purge list is overwhelmingly (Show me more...)

    Kobach Behind Scheme to
    Ask Citizenship in Census

    By Greg Palast

    Tom Hartmann and Palast discuss the implications of the new citizenship question on the 2020 census.

    As soon as I heard Trump was adding the question about whether you have a non-citizen in your household to the census I smelled Kobach. He'd already suggested it in a secret memo that we caught a glimpse of during a meeting in November, 2016 with Trump.

    The GOP's basically turning the census into a giant caging operation to get rid of real citizen voters by asking if you have a non-citizen in your household. They want to scare people off from voting and they want to scare people off from filling out the census. (Show me more...)

    Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin:
    Look Out For i360 and DataTrust

    By Greg Palast

    There are two dangers in the media howl over Trump’s computer gurus Cambridge Analytica, the data-driven psy-ops company founded by billionaire brown-shirts, the Mercer Family.

    The story is that Cambridge Analytica, once directed by Steve Bannon, by shoplifting Facebook profiles to bend your brain, is some unique "bad apple" of the cyber world. (Show me more...)

    Trump’s Alien Voter Claim Goes To Court
    Kobach Rule That Blocks 1 in 7 New Voters
    Could Decide 2018 & 2020 Races

    By Greg Palast for Alternet

    The mainstream media has simply missed the voting rights trial whose outcome could unleash the newest mass vote suppression weapon, the invention of Donald Trump’s chief vote suppression tactician, Kris Kobach of Kansas.

    Clip from Palast's film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

    On Tuesday, the trial of the lawsuit by the League of Women Voters against Kobach, Kansas’ Republican Secretary of State, began in a Kansas City courtroom. The League has sued to block the state’s law, drafted by Kobach, requiring all new voters to show proof of citizenship.

    Kobach’s law has blocked an astonishing 1 in 7 new registrants from voting in the state because they did not (Show me more...)

    Why We Should Applaud Trump’s Tariffs

    By Greg Palast

    [Image: Palast worked as a negotiator and investigator for the Steel Worker’s Union when Ed Sadlowski ran the Chicago-Gary district.]

    Have Progressives lost their minds? We protested in Seattle against a tariff-free world in which workers in every nation are pitted in a contest to see who will work for lowest wages. The majority of Democratic senators voted against NAFTA.

    In 2016, the Democrats lost Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin by theft for sure, but it would not have been close enough to steal except that Obama was pushing the TPP and Hillary free trade.

    The idea of free trade with a slave state like China is a terrible joke played on America’s working class.

    Do we hate Trump so much that we are obliged to attack when he does the right thing for the American worker? (Show me more...)

    Twenty-one years ago today…

    By Greg Palast

    Twenty-one years ago today...
    Two new Palasts.
    Time is a carnivore.
    And we’re just food.

    (Show me more...)

    Florida = Honduras: Inequality kills.
    Want to end the American shooting epidemic?

    By Greg Palast

    Guns vs Homicides by Nation

    A crucial factor about the Florida killer: his family had to move out of the school district because they couldn’t afford the rent. Resentment yields anger. Not every poor kid becomes a killer — think Bill Clinton — but there will be one. Inequality kills.

    A student of statistics — my son — was surprised by his regression analysis of gun ownership per capita in each nation versus homicides.

    He wrote, "The result of my scatter plot came as quite the surprise to me: there was just about no correlation between number of guns and number of gun homicides."

    In fact, "the correlation coefficient was -0.105871699." That is, by a small amount, more guns meant fewer homicides.

    So what DID prove a strong correlation? (Show me more...)

    The “Steele Dossier” on … Me:
    Why I won’t praise the FBI lie & spy machine

    By Greg Palast

    Surveillance Team for Paul "The Vulture" Singer tracks Greg Palast (from The Best Democracy Money Can Buy)

    Do we hate Trump so much, we’ll cheer FBI perjury, cheer the monstrous FISA star chamber and the surveillance horror show exposed by Ed Snowden?

    Let me be clear: Despite Rep. Devin Nunes' assertions, nothing in his memo — none of this FBI misconduct, however unacceptable — undermines Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump and gang.

    But, like it or not, that creepy little GOP shill Nunes, revealed facts that should scare us. First, FBI agents failed to tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court that the file it used to justify spying on a US citizen, the “Steele dossier,” was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    True, the FBI dropped a footnote about the source coming from a "political entity," a fuzzy cover-our-ass comment that failed to state known partisan bias. But failure to tell the court the whole truth and nothing but the truth is perjury.

    Ironically, Nunes himself commits the same perjury, by failing to mention (Show me more...)

    It’s Even Worse Than You Think:
    Watch David Cay Johnston & Greg Palast
    from their Facebook LIVE Head-To-Head

    "A narcissistic know-nothing con artist who has spent his entire life swindling others while repeatedly urging followers to commit criminal acts of violence against his critics." - David Cay Johnston

    Who could he be talking about? I asked...

    Broadcast on January 31, 2018, from our SOLD OUT event in LA.

    Full frontal exposure of the Trump Presidency by two New York Times bestselling investigative reporters — conversing, debating. (Show me more...)

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